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Fall Dog Lover Fashion Etiquette – Dog Breed Specific Sweatshirts

pug dog lover sweatshirtWe are in the middle of the dog days of Summer, however, sometimes briefly you can feel in the air the coming of Fall. With Fall comes a change in fashion from T shirts to Sweatshirts. The same is true for dog lovers who show off their favorite dog breed on T shirts and Sweatshirts. As Fall draws near evenings and mornings turn cool and with it come the need for a cozy warm sweatshirt. For dog lovers come walks on wooded paths carpeted with newly fallen leaves in late Fall becomes an annual tradition. As with any outing it is essentially important to be appropriately dressed for these public outdoor dog functions. For dog lover enthusiasts dog breed specific sweatshirts are the easy ticket for in tune dog fashion fun. Printed in the USA by Animal World the dog breed specific sweatshirts make wearing dog lover fashion a year round activity and is a great example of fine products still made in America. The Pug dog lover sweatshirt shown above is an example of one of the dog breed specific sweatshirts made in the USA by Animal World. Each dog lover sweatshirt sports a large dog print on the front, a similar small dog print on one sleeve and 3 paw prints running up the other sleeve. Fall with it’s cooler is a popular time for dog shows and dog competitions. At these types of events which draw large numbers of dog lovers is not only important etiquette, it is a must to show that your dog is so important that it has it sports it’s own dog breed specific clothing line. Outfitted with a casual or collar style shirt the Dog lover sweatshirt can be worn like a team with all members of the family from young to old, small to large sporting similar dog lover fashion.

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