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New Dog Lover T Shirts and Dog Lover Sweatshirts: Custom Dog Breed Lover Gifts made in USA at Animal World – Animal World Press Release

australian shepherd sweatshirt
Australian Shepherd Sweatshirt USA

If you want Dog Breed Specific T Shirts or Sweatshirts they are available and best of all they are made in the USA. You may want to check out this press release. Dog Sweatshirts are especially nice this Christmas Holiday Season and Dog T Shirts are perfect for year round dog enthusiast fashion fun.

Press Release:
New Dog Lover T Shirts and Dog Lover Sweatshirts: Custom Dog Breed Lover Gifts made in USA at Animal World – Animal World Press Release

Dog lovers come in all shapes, sizes and ages so whether you are searching for Dog T Shirts or the sweatshirts their is apparel for all members of the dog loving family.

Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

New Dog Lover T Shirts and Dog Lover Sweatshirts: Custom Dog Breed Lover Gifts made in USA at Animal World – Animal World Press Release

Press Release : Great Christmas and Holiday Gift  Ideas for Dog Lovers New Dog Lover T Shirts and Dog Lover Sweatshirts: Custom Dog Breed Lover Gifts made in USA at Animal World – Animal World Press Release.


National Dress Your Pet Day January 14 is Dog Owner Fashion Fun

bulldog t shirt

Bulldog T Shirt

papillon sweatshirt

Papillon Sweatshirt

Recently a semi off the wall craze has developed regarding dressing up your pet. Now with January 14th declared as National Dress Your Pet Day it is now important to get prepared for this nationally recognized event. While dressing your pet as a doctor, fireman, businessman, sports star, cheerleader, policeman in sweaters, raincoat or other fashion choices is important, it is just as imperative to dress yourself for this important social event. That is where dog lover t shirts or dog lover sweatshirts can complete the fashion statement especially if it is a specific dog breed. With dog breed specific fashion wear dog lovers can coordinate with their pet, educate the masses and have fun all simultaneously. With their specific breed dog lover t shirts and dog lover sweatshirts from Animal World everyone in the family from young to old and small to large can participate in the National Dress Up Your Pet Day. For areas fortunate enough to have a great sense of humor there may be Dress Your Pet Day parades to celebrate this avante garde event. Another interesting aspect of this uncharacteristic American celebration is that the dog lover t shirt and sweatshirt apparel from Animal is also produced in the USA. It only stands to reason that an American event should include American made products like the dog lover t shirts and sweatshirt from Animal World. With that piece of knowledge the pet lovers chest not only will be filled with pride in their specific breed it will also be out knowing it is wearing a product of the USA. With this article as your official reminder the only question you should be asking is when can I get started on my outfit where can I go to show off. For help with this you may wish to refer to your local search or plan your own National Dress Your Pet Day party.

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

5 Ways to beat the Hot Sultry Dog Days of Summer with a Dog

red dog leash lead usa

Red Dog Leash Lead USA

golden retriever t shirt anwo usa

Golden Retriever T shirt USA

Late July to early August can only mean one thing, everyone is enduring the hottest most sultry days of Summer routinely referred  to as the dog days of Summer. According to Wikipedia the Dog Days of Summer refers historically to the Roman and Greek belief that the dog star called Sirius got too close to the sun thereby creating these long days of heat.  During these long days of unrelenting heat it is important to remember to keep a positive attitude, try to have fun and most important do it with your dog. Here is a quick list of ways to enjoy the Dog Days of Summer with your dog.

1. Reschedule your dogs walk for the early mornings or after dark when it is cool and buy a new dog leash lead it is like putting on a new shirt.

2. Find a lake, river, pond, ocean or pool and go swimming with your dog.

3. Pull out the the sprinkler and rediscover your childhood by running through the sprinkler and have your dog do it too.

4. Give your dog a bath, but go crazy.

5. Chill out, enjoy the inside where it is AC cool and take a long nap with your dog by your side or maybe just nearby.

All these activities require just a little planning and in order to reach your full potential for fun on each event don’t forget to be properly attired for each activity. Dogs are a great icebreaker for conversation and many relationships have developed due in large part by a common love for dogs. To show off your special love for your dog and for proper dog lover fashion fun be sure to add dog breed lover t shirts to your wardrobe for conspicuous occasions such as walking your dog. This if very important since you might just bump in your future Mr.  or Mrs. significant other or at least a new temporary acquantence. If they are dog lovers and enjoy the way you are having fun despite these hot dog days of summer they may realize if you can turn tough times like these into fun with a positive spin then good times with you will be great.

Top 5 Dog Lover Gift Ideas Christmas List

People every year search their imagination for gift ideas. To help here is a Dog Lover Gifts Top 5 Gift Ideas for Christmas List to ease your shopping search.

  1. Dog Plush Stuffed Animals
  2. Dog Figurines Statues
  3. Dog Blanket Throw Tapestries
  4. Dog Breed T Shirts
  5. Dog Crossing Signs

The #1 dog lover gift idea for Christmas is dog plush stuffed animals. Everyone loves giving hugs and getting love in return. For many people their relationship with their dog is as close as any in their entire life.  Dog Plush Stuffed Animals are now available in almost all dog breeds from A – Z including Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Shepherd, Basset Hound, Beagle, Bernese Mountain Dog, Bichon Frise, Border Collie, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Bulldog, Cairn, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, Collie, Dachshund, Dalmatian, Doberman, English Springer Spaniel, German Shepherd, German Shorthair Pointer, Golden Retriever, Greyhound, Irish Setter, Jack Russell Terrier, Black Lab, Chocolate Lab, Yellow Lab, Maltese, Newfoundland, Old English Sheepdog, Pekingese, Pomeranian, Poodle, Portuguese Water Dog, Pug, Rottweiler, St. Bernard, Samoyed, Schnauzer, Shar Pei, Sheltie, Siberian Husky, Weimaraner, Welsh Corgi, West Highland Terrie and  Yorkshire Terrier.  Dog lovers can therefore not only get a soft, cuddly adorable dog plush stuffed animal now they can also get it in their favorite dog breed.

#2 Dog Lover Gift idea for Christmas is Dog Figurine Statues. Led by Sandicast Dog Figurine Statues immortalize a special dog that is or was part of the family. The impact of receiving a dog figurine is always a wow moment. The receiver can immediately place the Sandicast dog figurine on a shelf, a mantle or in a curio cabinet where it can b admired for it’s beauty, detail and ability to capture the heart and sole of the breed in stone.

The # 3 Dog Lover Gift idea for Christmas is dog blanket throw tapestries. Made in the USA by companies like Scene Weaver, Mills Street Designs, Manual Woodworkers and Pure Country the dog blanket throw tapestries are beautiful home, dormitory, office or hospital patient decor. Dog lovers can wrap up with their favorite dog breed for taking a nap, reading a book, watching a TV and when they are finished they can display it on a sofa, chair or bed for warm dog home decor.

The # 4 Dog Lover Gift idea for Christmas is dog lover breed specific t shirts or sweatshirts. All members and all ages not only are proud of their breed they also want to let the world know that their dog breed is the best. With the new dog breed t shirts dog lovers can show off their favorite breed in sizes from the smallest child to the largest adult for dog pride fashion and fun. With dog breed t shirt and the new dog breed sweatshirts dog lovers can now have year round comfortable dog lover style.

The # 5 Dog Lover Gift idea for Christmas is dog crossing signs. A relatively new idea on an old idea the dog crossing signs combine dog safety function with fun. Made of aluminum the dog crossing signs are made in the USA in the traditional bright yellow diamond shape while capturing beautiful dog breed artwork for a truly entertaining gift. Easily mounted on a fence, door, post, or any place that requires safeguarding the dog crossing signs are steadily increasing in popularity.

dachshund dog plush stuffed animal

Dog Plush Stuffed Animals

Sandicast dog figurines

Sandicast Dog Figurines

dog blanket throw tapestries

Dog Blanket Throw Tapestries

Dog Lover T Shirts show your love for your Pet

If you are a real dog lover you really love your dog. They are the best members of your family and they hurt the most when they pass. “Marly and Me” is a current popular movie that captures the loss a family feels when a dog passes. Often you weep more for your pet than you may for a family member because communication is always abstract with your pet whereas it is direct when you lose a human family member. Whenever you come home, who meets you at the door, your son, your daughter, your wife, nope it is your dog. They are so happy to see you, they meet you with love if you had a great day, a bad day, a tough day or an easy day. When they are suddenly gone, it is a huge void that cannot be filled ever again in the same way. Dog Breed Lover T Shirts are great, if you are looking for a specific breed dog lover t shirt from Airedale to Yorkshire Terrier, from Golden Retriever to Chihuahua a great source is Dog Lover T Shirts at Animal World®. In addition if you want to support the USA all their shirts are printed in the USA. It is even possible to have your dog’s name personalized on the t shirt.

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