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Dog Breed Shot Glasses for Dog Lover Collectors and Home Décor Fun

rottweiler shot glass

Rottweiler Shot Glass

People often like to establish a hobby collection and a favorite item for people to collect are shot glasses. For specific dog breed lovers this is certainly not an exception and for this reason Animal World offers a line of dog breed shot glasses in a variety of specific dog breeds. Made originally by the now no longer in operation Porcelain by Rosalinde which closed in 2008 the selection of dog shot glasses is now a limited collection and is certainly worth looking into by investors. Featuring pen and ink artwork by the artist Vladimier each specific dog breed represents best in show dog artwork. This best in show artwork done by Vladimier was commissioned by Porcelain by Rosalinde so that an excellent representative of each specific dog breed was created. The act of collecting shot glasses is simply an off shoot of their main purpose in accurate measuring liquor for drinks. For this purpose the dog breed shot glasses are perfect and are ready at anytime for its original functional use. As with any container which is what a shot glass actually is, other uses will soon come into play. Other functional uses for the dog shot glasses could include holding tooth picks, paper clips, a candle or even an egg. The nicest use for the dog shot glasses is displayed in decoration as in an art collection. This way the artwork of the dog breed shot glass can be fully appreciated. The dog shot glass collection display easily on a mantle, in a curio cabinet or an eye level display shelf. Since supply is limited due to Porcelain by Rosalinde closing their doors in 2008 it is certainly time to act. This time is of the essence would also hold true for other dog breed porcelain items like the Porcelain by Rosalinde dog cookie jars, dog plates with gold trim and other white porcelain items featuring Vladimier dog artwork.

Dog Breed Shot Glass article by Steve Forrest Writer Photography Video Website Consultant

Rottweiler Shot Glass Photography by Steve Forrest


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