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Dog Sweatshirts for Children’s Back to School Fashion

jack russell terrier sweatshirtNow that school has started it’s time to think about something new to make the school day fun. A dog sweatshirt with your dog breed on it for your child to wear to school would be just the thing. A sweatshirt with a Jack Russell it for the Jack Russell owner makes a long day at school easier when you’re away from your dog. Having a shirt with your dog on it makes the day go by faster. It is also a great ice breaker for starting a conversation. Show and Tell days are made easier with a dog sweatshirt with your dog on it. Printed in the USA by Animal World the dog sweatshirts are printed on high quality, high content cotton with polyester blend for maximum comfort. Mary Ann at Animal World commented “people love to wear products made in American and nothing is more American than Dog breed lover sweatshirts that are printed in the USA”. Dog sweatshirts are perfect for children’s back to school fashion and fun.

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