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Bluetick Coonhound T Shirt and Sweatshirt Dog Lover Fashion Fun

Bluetick Coonhound T Shirt
Bluetick Coonhound T Shirt at Animal World

For Bluetick dog lovers there is now a Bluetick Coonhound T Shirt. Made by specific breed dog lover t shirts specialist Animal World the Bluetick Coonhound T Shirt is patriotically made in the USA. Available in youth sizes to the largest adult sizes the Blue Tick Coonhound T Shirt artwork is printed on comfortable natural colored 100% cotton. Featuring a large Blue Tick Coonhound print on the front, a similar print on one sleeve, the opposite sleeve features dog footprints. According to Nicki at Animal World the Blue Tick Coonhound T Shirt artwork is available on special order in a Bluetick Coonhound Sweatshirt. Similar to the dog t shirts the dog lover sweatshirts are also available in all sizes for youth or adult for year round Blue Tick Dog Lover fun and fashion.

Bluetick Coonhound T Shirt article and photography by Steve Forrest

English Setter T Shirts New at Anwo Animal World

English Setter T Shirt USA
English Setter T Shirt USA at Anwo Animal World

The new English Setter T Shirt will make English Setter dog lovers proud with fashion dog breed fun. Made in the USA by dog t shirt specialist Animal World the English Setter T Shirt features a large English Setter full body profile on the front, identical smaller artwork on the sleeve and pawprints up the opposite sleeve. Printed on 100% cotton for comfort the English Setter T Shirt is available in all sizes from extra small youth to the largest extra large sizes for adults. According to Nickie at Animal World an English Setter Sweatshirt in youth and adult sizes is also available upon request. Featured on their English Setter Gifts Store page along with the English Setter Blanket Throw Tapestry and English Setter Figurine Statues in Blue and Blenheim an English Setter dog lover can display pride in their favorite breed.

English Setter T Shirt and Photography by Steve Forrest

Basenji Dog T Shirts are Basenji T Shirt Fashion Fun

Most people are not familiar with Basenji dogs but for Basenji dog owners they are a very enthusiastic group. For these Basenji dog lovers there is now a Basenji T Shirt sporting their favorite dog breed. Made in the USA by Dog T Shirt specialist Anwo Animal World the Basenji dog t shirt features a large Basenji print on the front, a similar Basenji print on the sleeve and dog prints running up the opposite sleeve. Made in sizes youth through adult the Basenji t shirt is available to all members of the family from small to large and any age from young to old. For Basenji Gifts Store lovers the Basenji T Shirt is an excellent addition for Basenji dog lover fashion fun.

Basenji T Shirt Article by Steve Forrest Writer Photography

New Pekingese T Shirt and Pekingese Sweatshirt Released

Pekingese T Shirt USA

Pekingese dog lovers can now sport their favorite dog breed on the new Pekingese T Shirts and Pekingese Sweatshirts. Printed in the USA the new Pekingese T Shirt and Pekingese Sweatshirt are available online by animal and pet theme gift specialist Animal World. According to Mary at Animal “we print each Pekingese T Shirt or Pekingese Sweatshirt to order from the smallest child size to the largest adult size. This way our Pekingese T Shirts and Sweatshirts can be enjoyed by all members of the family. We can even custom print the dogs name on the Pekingese Shirt or Pekingese Sweatshirt for a personal touch.” Dating back as much as 2000 years the Pekingese was known for as the guard dog in the Chinese Imperial Castle. Featuring an adorable flat face and bulging eyes the Pekingese endears itself to families immediately with it’s friendly personality. With it’s bowed legs Pekingese are not as mobile as most dogs with more conventional straighter legs. It is believed the bowed legs were bred into the bred by the Chinese to keep the dogs within the confines of the palace and reduce possibility of wandering outside the palace. This same characteristic which made Pekingese a wonderful indoor door in history also makes it an ideal breed for dog lovers in apartments, houses with small yards or dog owners who themselves are not mobile. Fortunately today no one requires a Chinese palace in order to own a Pekingese. Today the Pekingese is virtually available to all dog lovers. With the new Pekingese T Shirt or  Pekingese Sweatshirt enjoying this wonderful breed can now be achieved in Pekingese dog lover fashion fun.

Pekingese Sweatshirt USA

Copy and Photos by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

American Bulldog T Shirt for Dog Breed Lover Fashion

American Bulldog T ShirtDog breeds run the gamut of familiar to obscure and this is certainly the case with regard to the American Bulldog. Celebrating this unique dog breed is the American Bulldog T Shirt printed in the USA by Animal World. Featuring a regal and commanding pose the American Bulldog T Shirt is bordered with paw prints to add to the fashion fun or dog lover t shirts. Printed on 100% natural colored cotton the American Bulldog T Shirt is available in all family sizes from youth small to the largest adult sizes. American Bulldog Sweatshirts are also available for year round dog lover fashion fun. To inform uneducated dog lovers the American Bulldog artwork identifies the dog breed with the now familiar “I (heart) my American Bulldog emblazoned just below the picture. Animal World also provides personalization with dog name so to create a truly unique American Bulldog T shirt make it special with the dog’s own name. Dogs are a part of America like Mom and apple pie, it is wonderful that dog lover breed specific shirts are available and what makes them especially all American is the fact that they are made in the USA.

Post by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

American Eskimo Spitz T Shirts for Dog Breed Lovers

American Eskimo Spitz T ShirtEveryone knows a little about the American Eskimo people but most don’t realize that their is also a dog called the American Eskimo Spitz.
Recognizing this beautiful dog breed is the American Eskimo Spitz T Shirt printed in the USA by Animal World. Made in all sizes from the smallest child size to the largest adult size the American Eskimo Spitz T Shirt is a wonderful way to show pride in the dog breed. American Eskimo Spitz Known as the only Spitz dog that originated in America they are an excellent watch dog and are extremely loyal to their owners and protective of their property. Like all Spitz dogs they are known for being energetic, sturdy, hardy and long lived. The American Eskimo Spitz T Shirt represents the dog breed and is a perfect gift for any American Eskimo Gifts Store enthusiast.

Bullmastiff T Shirt recognizes a special large dog breed

Bullmastiff T Shirt USAIt is not a bulldog and it is not a Mastiff, it is a Bullmastiff. Larger than a bulldog but a bit smaller than a full size Mastiff the Bullmastiff stand alone as a specific dog breed. To recognize this special dog breed Animal World prints a new Bullmastiff T Shirt and also a sweatshirt. Featuring a large Bullmastiff print on the front, a smaller Bullmastiff print on the sleeve and pawprints on the opposite sleeve the Bullmastiff T shirt is a statement in dog fashion with a flair for fun. * Originating in Great Britain during the 1800’s dog breeders developed the Bullmastiff to reduce the massive size of the Mastiff. With it’s smaller size the Bullmastiff was more agile than it’s predecessor but remained true to it’s ability to track and it’s powerful physique. Printed on natural color 100% cotton the Bullmastiff T Shirt is available in children and adult sizes so all ages and all members of the family can enjoy dog breed fashion fun. With the new Bullmastiff T Shirt dog owners can now take their Bullmastiff for a walk and educate interested dog lovers simultaneously. Most important with the new Bullmastiff T shirt, Bullmastiff dog lovers can feel a sense of pride in the knowledge that their beloved breed now rates it’s own dog t shirt. Bullmastiff dog lovers can now add the t shirt to their collection of gifts including the cookie jar, mug, keychain, crossing sign, figurine, plate and Christmas ornament.

* Atlas of Dog Breeds by Bonnie Wilcox DVM and Chris Walcowicz pg. 248

Saint Bernard T Shirt is rescue dog lover fashion fun

Whenever you think of getting lost in a snowstorm someone says “You better call in the Saint Bernards”. This expression alludes to the history and origin of the Saint Bernard as a rescue dog for lost adventurers in mountain especially when winters snow threatens survival. To celebrate this special dog the Saint Bernard T Shirt is now available to dog lovers in sizes from the smallest child to largest adult. Printed in the USA by Animal World the Saint Bernard T Shirt is printed on natural color 100% comfortable cotton. The St Bernard T Shirt features a large Saint Bernard Print on the front with paw prints on one sleeve and a smaller Saint Bernard print on the opposite sleeve. Saint Bernards are one of the largest dog breeds weighing in at between 140 pounds to over 200 pounds. Part of the working dog class for competitions the Saint Bernard was used in history as a draft animal, for herding, as guard dogs and in search rescue. To educate the public the Saint Bernard T Shirt can be worn by any dog owner or dog lover that feels a special affinity with this lovable breed. With their trademark white coat highlighted with brown, black splotches the beauty of the Saint Bernard is captured in artwork on this dog t shirt. The Saint Bernard T Shirt not only shows off this magnificent breed it also brings together all members of the family in dog lover fashion fun. For Saint Bernard Gifts Store enthusiasts who already have collected Saint Bernard plush stuffed animals, figurines, blanket throw tapestries, dog cookie jar, crossing sign, pillow and keychain will be thrilled with the addition of the dog t shirt. St Bernard dog can now educate others with dog t shirt fashion that shows pride in breed and love for the family pet.

New German Shorthair Pointer T Shirt and Sweatshirt for dog lover fashion

german shorthair pointer sweatshirtGerman Shorthair Pointer dogs are certainly not the first dog breed most people think of with regard to popularity. This may change because German Shorthair Pointer dogs are one of the most beloved dog of the always popular sporting dog group. To celebrate this beautiful dog Animal World has just introduced German Shorthair Pointer sweatshirts and t shirts to their line of dog breed t shirts for dog enthusiast fashion fun. Printed in the USA the German Shorthair T Shirts come in 100% cotton and the sweatshirts are a high cotton polyester blend. All family members can participate in the fun since the German Shorthair Pointer T shirts and sweatshirts are available in youth sizes to large adult sizes. Children love the opportunity to emulate their adult counterparts so with identical German Shorthair Pointer T Shirts or Sweatshirts available in youth and adult sizes, fashion can be a family flair. german shorthair pointer t shirtHaving a pet is a beautiful family experience and the German Shorthair Pointer t shirts and sweatshirts so pride in the dog breed and an education for admiring onlookers. With this kind of promotion it may not be long before German Shorthair Pointers become one of the breeds people think of when they identify some of America’s most popular dog breeds. Geman Shorthair Pointer gift store enthusiasts can now add to their t shirt or sweatshirt wardrobe to the blanket, pillow, plush stuffed animals, Sandicast figurines, cookie jar, mousepad, plate, jar, suncatcher and pewter keychain. German Shorthair Pointer rescues, clubs and organizations can all benefit from the new sweatshirts and t shirts. Best of all they are made in America and make perfect gifts for birthdays, office parties, Christmas or visitors from foreign countries.

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