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Dog Cookie Jars are dog lover decor fun

Dogs Love nothing more than getting a cookie. If you dog brings in the newspaper, like our Lab does every morning then you want to praise them and give them a cookie. Maybe your dog did “sit pretty”, or “shake hands”, “roll over” or did “stay’ to show you they are smart and ready to please. What do you do, you reward them with a cookie. Next question, how do you keep the dog cookies, in the box or bag they came, how bourgeoisie. What if instead you had a gorgeous Breed Dog Cookie Jars which in addition to holding the cookies, kept them fresh. This would make you happy, your dog happy and make dog cookie time special as dog cookie time should be. A great source to fill this need is the excellent selection of AKC Dog Breed porcelain cookie jars with rubber seals for freshness you can find at Dog Cookie Jars at Animal World. So if you want to make Dog Cookie time at your house a special time for your dog, for you and give your kitchen decor more personality then get a Dog Cookie jar for you and for your dog.

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