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John Perry Dolphin Figurines Statue on Burled Wood

john perry dolphin figurine statue smallWhenever one goes to the beach everyone is mesmerized by it’s stark contrasts in beauty. The endless horizon of ocean water contrasted by the waterless sandy beach, wild oats covered dunes and scrubby weathered trees. The only sign of life are the occasional dolphins working their way up and down the beach, sand crabs and shore birds. Capturing that raw beauty in sculpture are the dolphin figurine statues on burled wood base by John Perry.  What makes the John Perry Dolphin Figurine Statues so interesting is that each is different than the other since no two burled wood bases is the same. Each burled wood base is unique which makes each John Perry Dolphin Figurine Statue special. Dolphin Figurine Statue John Perry With the interesting way in which each dolphin figurine statue is attached to the burled wood it resembles and reminds you of a dolphin rounding a coral reef. Made in various sizes and poses the dolphin figurine statues are made of Pellucida. Attached to the burled wood base in a very subtle almost unnoticed manner with a hard wire each dolphin figurine appears to be actually swimming which even adds to their allure. Dolphin Gifts Store featuring John Perry Figurine Statues are often hard to find. Fortunately the John Perry Dolphin Figurine Statues are available online at animal pet theme gift specialists like Animal World. According to Mary at “it is amazing the way the John Perry Dolphin Figurine Statues have remained timeless through several generations of dolphin lover home decor.”

Dolphin Gifts Store are Popular Summer Time Collectible

dolphin plush toy stuffed animal

The most popular location for Summer vacations is ocean side on the beach. With time spent on the beach comes the attractions of being watching the ocean as it rolls in endlessly with waves and surf. Highlighting this constant backdrop is the occasional appearance of dolphins as they work their way up or down the beach parallel to the shore. These moments are like free daytime fireworks with beach goers excitement carrying up and down the beach like the wave at a stadium. Just like all special moments they don’t last forever however capturing those special memories in time are Dolphin Gift Store collectibles. Usually inexpensive dolphin theme gifts can be found along the many inexpensive stores along the beach, however, the growing trend of dolphin lovers consumers are finding a larger more complete selection of Dolphin Gifts Store collectibles online from animal and pet theme gift specialists like Animal World. Beach Dolphin lovers can collect Dolphin plush toy stuffed animals, realistic toy miniatures, crossing sign, t shirts, sweatshirts, figurine statues, blanket throw tapestry afghans, earrings, pins, nature sound cd, keychain and fan pull. For girls the dolphin plush stuffed animal toys are always popular, whereas for boys the realistic dolphin toy miniatures are usually the best choice. Ladies of course are going to lean toward the dolphin earrings or dolphin pin brooch jewelry for personal use and utilize the dolphin blanket throw tapestry afghan for beautiful beach style home decor.

dolphin figurine statue john perry

Men immediately gravitate toward the John Perry Dolphin Figurine Statues. With their unique burled wood styled bases and Pellucida White Dolphin Figurine Statuary the John Perry Dolphin Figurine Statues have a masculine appearance and are perfect for Family rooms or business office decor. If a family or individual goes off the proverbially deep end in their love of dolphins after visiting the beach an entire Dolphin Gifts Store Collectible Shrine may be created out of a wall or an entire room at their house.

dolphin crossing sign

For these areas the Dolphin Crossing Sign makes a wonderful heartfelt and humorous warning for all house visitors. Dolphin lover apparel wear is likewise available for year round fashion fun in Dolphin T Shirts or Dolphin Sweatshirts. Dolphin accessories are even available for dolphin home decor with the new dolphin fan pull. Visiting the beach and enjoying the ocean is regrettably usually just a week however enjoying Dolphin Gifts Store items like the figurine statues, plush toy stuffed animals, dolphin toy miniatures, crossing signs, t shirts, sweatshirts, blanket throw tapestry afghans, earrings, pins, Dolphin sound cd and fan pull. For people who want to take the memory of the beach with them there is one last item which is dear to all, the Dolphin Keychain. Made of pewter it polishes itself much like the never ending memory of those wonderful lazy days at the beach watching the Dolphins frollick just out of reach but certainly not out of sight or out of the ever lasting memory.

Copy Photo and Video by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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