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Dolphin Puppet for Animal Hand Puppet Fun

dolphin puppet
Folkmanis Dolphin Puppet

One of the most endearing features of Dolphin are their almost universal popularity with people. This is due to their energetic demeanor, laughing like sounds, natural smile, friendly appearance and beautiful shape. Unfortunately since they are a wild animal all these qualities have to be enjoyed from afar, however, with the new Dolphin Puppet it is almost as if all those features are as close as your hand. Made by Folkmanis puppets and featured online by animal puppet specialist Animal World the Dolphin Puppet easily comes to full life in the hands of novice or experienced puppeteers. Featuring soft silver white plush the Dolphin Puppet has the standard mouth for ease of use by children or adults. With subtle movement of knuckles and the side of fingers more advanced puppeteers can make the dolphin breath, raise it’s brow, puff it’s cheeks thereby increasing the illusion of a real dolphin. Besides manipulating the dolphin’s mouth with the opposite hand you can swish the tail back and forth. Whether used as a teachers aid to tell a story, a science lecture on ocean creatures or just for animal puppets learning play fun the Dolphin Puppet is ready to make every imaginary adventure as realistic as possible. You can find the Dolphin Puppet at Dolphin Gifts Store or online for animal puppet specialists like Animal World.

Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Dolphin Puppet photo by Folkmanis Puppets

Dolphin Puppet Plush Ocean lover hand puppets fun

folkmanis dolphin puppet plush stuffed toyEveryone loves going to the ocean to enjoy life on the beach. The only problem is when it is time to leave you can’t take the easy beach going life with you home. For children however with the Folkmanis Dolphin Puppet you can bring some of the fun memories of watching dolphins work the coastline home. With the easy to work mouth children can animate dolphin sounds and emulate the movement of dolphins porpoising through the waves. Featuring the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin the Dolphin puppet is realistic and perfect for imaginative, creative minds. Children can make up stories and provide names to the dolphin puppet which further develops and accelerates the child’s learning curve. Teachers can also bring story time to life and capture classroom attention with the beautiful lines of this dolphin puppet. Students can even take the place of the teacher to add their own personality to the dolphin puppet. Animal puppets have even been known to draw out introverted children that have trouble expressing themselves. Through the puppet the introverted personality can transfer through the puppet and in turn open up. All Folkmanis puppets like the dolphin puppet are educational, easy to operate and best of all excellent play fun.

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