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Donkey Plush Stuffed Animals need love too

Just like in the movie Shrek Donkey needed love and friendship. Donkey plush stuffed animals are cute, soft, and huggable just like plush wildlife stuffed animals. Maybe they don’t get any respect, maybe they don’t feel as pretty, maybe they are forgotten, whatever the reason Donkey plush stuffed animals need love too. Besides Donkeys are famous, aren’t donkeys the mascot of the entire Democratic party. Last I knew a Democrat was in the white house so maybe Donkey stuffed animals should be the in plush play toy. If fact since Democrats control the house and the Senate the sale of Donkey plush should be through the roof. There is the key to economic turnaround. If all the people that voted Democratic last election went out and bought a Donkey stuffed animal plush what would that be some 50,000,000 sold. That would require trucks to transport the donkey plush, people to unpack the truck, people to display the stuffed donkeys, checkout people to sell the stuffed donkeys and cart people to bring back to the stores all the carts that people leave out in the parking lot instead of bringing them back to the corrals. In sales that would be say 50,000,000 x say $20 each equals $1,000,000,000 (1 billion dollars) in sales of plush donkeys, oh well that doesn’t cover the billions of dollars dished out to the likes of AGI but it is a start. So besides turning the economy around what other creative needs can you come up with for Donkey push stuffed animals. How about as a teachers aid, that is perfect, the teacher can pass the Donkey around the room, each child can hold the donkey and get a pretty good impression of what a real donkey looks, and it is much safer than getting next to a real donkey. Real Donkeys have been known for kicking, stuffed Donkeys don’t kick. Teachers can also use stuffed Donkey Puppet plush for story time or for farm animal study. You can even help students learn their alphabet, after all Donkey starts with the letter D. But the best use would still be for the same reason most people get plush stuffed animals because they want Donkey Plush Stuffed Animal soft play fun. People often identify with certain animals and for them a Donkey plush stuffed animal would be a great starting point gift for getting other donkey gifts like donkey toys and donkey crossing signs. Besides look at those adorable eyes, that plush Donkey stuffed animal is absolutely adorable.

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