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Dragon Puppets are mythical imaginative storytime fun

red chinese dragon puppet folkmanisEveryone knows Dragons aren’t real or maybe they are. We see movies about dragons, cartoons about dragons, stories about dragons so maybe in an imaginative way dragons are real. One way to make dragons come to life is when you bring them to life through use of dragon puppets. Featuring different styles, colors and backgrounds dragon puppets take on multitude of looks. There are green dragon puppets, purple dragon puppets, red dragon puppets and probably more that are not mentioned. The nice feature of any puppet is that you put so much more into a puppet than just your hand. When you put your hand into a puppet you bring it to life with your own personality so with each person a whole new dragon emerges. Psychiatrists should study what happens when people adorn a puppet because sometimes people who are quiet or withdrawn come out of their shell and display more life than ever shown normally. dragon finger puppet redMaybe when people put a puppet on their hand it is as if they are now on stage, meaning it is time to perform so it allows them the opportunity to put on a performance. The Red Chinese dragon puppet commemorates the style of dragon used in the Chinese culture often used in the large street parade in celebration of their new year. Held cross armed it can with one hand you can easily work the head, neck, mouth and upper body. With your free arm and hand you can create movement of the outer leg or swish the tail. With Animal Puppets sometimes the small child is neglected. This is not the case in the dragon puppets. The Red Dragon finger puppet shown in the middle right comes to life as soon as you put it on your finger. It is amazing to watch a small child’s face come to life as soon as they try the red dragon finger puppet on for size. Small children can easily work the red dragon finger puppet by simply moving their finger. Folkmanis does not forget the advanced puppeteer. For them the Purple Dragon Shoulder puppet is a wise choice. Easy to operate the Purple Dragon Puppet has controls you work behind your back with a free hand to make the puppet turn it’s head side to side, operate the mouth and articulate the tail. purple dragon shoulder puppet folkmanisIt is easy for the novice and challenging for more advanced animation. Animal Puppets have a long history and will always be useful tools for teachers to help bring a story to life and involve students. A teacher could handle the puppet or allow students the opportunity to use the puppet. Folkmanis Dragon puppets are beautifully done and best of all combine play fun with learning to create an imaginative, creativity fun experience for dragon lovers of all ages.

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