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Dragonfly Crossing Sign for nature, education and decor.

It is summer and in areas near water Dragonflies are a common sight. For nature trails a Dragonfly crossing sign can advise wildlife enthusiasts of the possible presence of dragonflies. A dragonfly crossing sign can also be a decor piece announcing to visitors that you have a collection of dragonfly items possibly including many dragonfly gift items. Clubs and businesses may also adopt the Dragonfly as their mascot. In these instances Dragonfly Crossing Signs can be used to rally the troops and increase morale amongst club member or business associates. The Dragonfly Crossing Sign shown is made of durable aluminum measuring 12″ x 12″ and has a hole for easy mounting on a post or wall. The Dragonfly Crossing like all Animal Crossing Signs are designed for outdoor education safety or indoor decor display fun.

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