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Duck Gifts Store Collectibles for Lame Duck Day

duck crossing sign

Duck Crossing Sign

February 6 is Lame Duck Day and with it comes connotations to politicians and elections. According to Wikipedia the origin of the phrase “lame duck” refers  literally to the injured or lame duck which is no longer able to keep up with the flock and in turn becomes susceptible to predators. At some time in most of our lives we all have become a lame duck of sorts. To soften this inevitability it is now fashionable to recognize this event with the proclamation of February 6th as officially Lame Duck Day. Although for most this day will come and go without notice for the astute it provides yet another opportunity for good humor. As props for Lame Duck Day are an assortment of Duck Gift Store collectibles from Animal World include duck plush toy stuffed animals, duck crossing signs, blanket throw tapestries, pillows, puppets, neckties, figurines and keychains. For Lame Duck party lovers the Duck plush toy stuffed animals along are an obvious choice. For Lame Duck wall decor the Duck Crossing Sign immediately proclaims to all recognized importance and allows all the opportunity to feel included.  Any recognition of the passing of Lame Duck Day is better than none at all so everyone involved has nothing to lose and everything to gain. So let loose and enjoy Lame Duck Day in the spirit intended.

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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