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Duck Gifts Store Collectibles for Lame Duck Day

duck crossing sign

Duck Crossing Sign

February 6 is Lame Duck Day and with it comes connotations to politicians and elections. According to Wikipedia the origin of the phrase “lame duck” refers  literally to the injured or lame duck which is no longer able to keep up with the flock and in turn becomes susceptible to predators. At some time in most of our lives we all have become a lame duck of sorts. To soften this inevitability it is now fashionable to recognize this event with the proclamation of February 6th as officially Lame Duck Day. Although for most this day will come and go without notice for the astute it provides yet another opportunity for good humor. As props for Lame Duck Day are an assortment of Duck Gift Store collectibles from Animal World include duck plush toy stuffed animals, duck crossing signs, blanket throw tapestries, pillows, puppets, neckties, figurines and keychains. For Lame Duck party lovers the Duck plush toy stuffed animals along are an obvious choice. For Lame Duck wall decor the Duck Crossing Sign immediately proclaims to all recognized importance and allows all the opportunity to feel included.  Any recognition of the passing of Lame Duck Day is better than none at all so everyone involved has nothing to lose and everything to gain. So let loose and enjoy Lame Duck Day in the spirit intended.

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Duck Crossing Sign helps "Make way for ducklings " safer

duck crossing signEveryone has enjoyed reading and listening to the story “Make Way for Ducklings” and every Spring people are hopefully continuing this tradition. To help inform and educate the public regarding this potential situation Animal World makes available the ever popular Duck Crossing Sign. Featuring the beautiful full color artwork by Atlas the Duck Crossing Sign depicts a mother Mallard Duck with 6 baby ducklings. Printed on bright hazard yellow diamond shaped traditional crossing sign aluminum stock the Duck Crossing Sign even has a hole at the top for ease in hanging on a post, wall, fence or wherever is appropriate and helps save those ducks. According to Steve Forrest at Animal World “Every Spring we the demand for Duck Crossing Signs grows and it feels good to hopefully save the lives of these precious birds that add so much to nature everywhere”. Some duck lover enthusiasts who collect duck gifts store items including blanket throw tapestry, plush stuffed animals, figurines, toy miniatures, puppets, neckties and keychains could also easily adapt the Duck Crossing Sign for indoor home decor fun. Wildfowl festivals featuring duck decoy craftsmanship could also easily adopt the Duck Crossing Sign to announce their beautiful skills and add humor to the event. Mallard Ducks add so much to our love of nature and wildlife it is an obligation to make sure everything is done to protect and preserve this natural resource. The new Duck Crossing Sign fills this need and does it with class for outdoor education or indoor duck lover charm.

Auburn Tigers vs Oregon Ducks – Gifts for fans

duck plush stuffed animal

Duck Plush Stuffed Animal

tiger earrings gold french curve

Tiger Earrings Gold French Curve

The BCS National Championship is about to be played between the Auburn Tigers and the Oregon Ducks. On Monday night we will find out whether the Tigers or the Ducks come out on top. Universities, colleges, high schools and clubs often pick animals to use a rally point for what the want to symbolize. For fans of the Auburn Tigers or the Oregon Ducks their are many Tiger gifts store items and Oregon gifts store ideas. For Auburn Tigers fans their are Tiger blankets, plush stuffed animals, Sandicast figurines, puppets, earrings, crossing signs, toy miniatures, neckties, picture frames and t shirts. For Oregon Ducks gifts store fans there are Duck throw blankets, pillows, crossing signs, plush stuffed animals, puppets, toy miniatures, neckties, keychains and figurines. Following a sports team like the Oregon Ducks or the Auburn Tigers when they reach the pinnacle of college football is a heady moment. To celebrate this special exciting times the Tiger earrings or the Duck Plush Stuffed Animal help make pregame and after game activities more fashion fun.

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