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June Coupon Code for Animal World

mallard duckling plush stuffed animalThis is the time of year when proud mother Mallard Ducks are presenting their baby ducklings to the rest of the world. As in the book “Make Way for Ducklings” a Mother Duck precariously moved her baby duckling to the Central Park lake and island. To celebrate this special time of the year our coupon code for the month of June is ” duckling “giving 10% off on your entire purchase of not just the duck lover gifts but the entire line of animal and pet lover theme gifts at Animal World. A Baby Duckling plush stuffed animal like the one shown are adorable just like the real duckling.yellow duckling plush stuffed animal The Yellow Duckling Plush stuffed animal is like the realistic white duck babies. Mother Mallard Ducks have a huge task, first they make the nest, incubate the eggs, hatch the eggs, and then feed the new born baby duckling chicks. Baby Ducklings face many dangers from below in turtles and from above in the form of predator birds like hawks and falcons. Some mother Mallard Ducks are better at raising their baby duckling chicks. They must keep their baby ducklings well hidden until they are large enough to not be in danger from these every day perils. The mother Mallard ducks get only minimal help from their male counterparts. Too bad, because their Canadian Geese counterparts have a much tighter family unit. Duck lover gifts also include blanket throw tapestries, pillows, plush stuffed animals, crossing signs, toy miniatures, puppets, figurines, coasters and keychains.

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