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Duck Crossing Signs for animal safety and duck awareness education.

Everyone knows the story “Makeway for Ducklings” about a proud mother duck herding her group of baby ducklings across a busy street near central park in New York City. In reality mother ducks are attempting the same feat all over the country in places where mother ducks are carefully negotiating all of man’s roads to safety usually near ponds, rivers or lakes. Duck Crossing Signs are available for helping Ducks with this every year occurrence. Concerned animal lovers take it upon themselves to try to help mother ducks and their ducklings cross the road safely. Animal Crossing Signs are available in many other animals te educate drivers, hikers, and bikers in similar crossing sign situations. Duck Crossing signs and animal crossing signs featured from the sources shown are made of durable aluminum, measure 12″ x 12″ diamond square and come packaged in protective plastic for shipping. The beautiful Duck Crossing Sign showing the mother mallard duck and baby ducks is shown in the picture above.

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