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Eagle Puppet is Animal Puppets educational play fun.

eagle puppetEagle Puppet is bird puppets educational play fun. The Eagle Puppet is perfect for teachers, story tellers, students and just party lover entertaining. To work most puppets you put your hand in palm side down. With bird puppets like the Eagle Puppet you can work the wings with your hand palm side up or palm side down. By changing your hand position in these two ways the look of the eagle puppets wings flapping changes completely. In education teachers can make stories come to life with the use of an eagle puppet. Students attention is immediately riveted to the Eagle Puppet when the teacher brings it to life. The teacher can also allow children the opportunity to animate with the Eagle Puppet or act out parts of a story. Business is always looking for ways to bring attendees into discussions. A simple way to make business meetings more fun is to require comments to include holding the Eagle Puppet. It is amazing how a simple requirement disarms listeners and talkers but most important it brings all together with a common bond. Best of all the Eagle is the symbol of our country. The Eagle Puppet is beautiful and immediately commands the patriotic attention of all. For Eagle gift store collectors the Eagle puppet makes a great addition. Whenever you see an Eagle in the wild it is a moment you remember. The Eagle Puppet captures the spirit and beauty of a real eagle and allows anyone to bring their own personality to this beautiful bird.

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