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Bald Eagle Finger Puppet is ready to fly

bald eagle finger puppetIt is virtually impossible to handle a real eagle but with the new Bald Eagle Finger Puppet everyone is eligible to not only handle an eagle but also to bring it to life. By simply inserting your index finger into the hole on the Bald Eagle Finger Puppet the bird comes to life almost as if by magic. From there even the novice puppeteer injects their own personality out through the actions of the now fully animated Bald Eagle Finger Puppet. Designed by Folkmanis Puppets the Bald Eagle Finger Puppet features brightly colored realistic looking black, white and yellow soft plush. With a little practice the Eagle Puppet can even communicate simply with simple gestures. For help a good source is the ‘How to bring Animal Finger Puppets to Life and Make them talk” blog. In addition to the Bald Eagle Finger Puppet for bird puppet lovers looking for a greater challenge a full size Eagle Puppet as well as Eagle blanket throw tapestry, figurine, crossing sign, earrings, mug, keychain, toy miniature , t shirt, and coasters are available online at the Eagle Gifts Store at Animal World®. Likewise, for aspiring puppeteers there is also a full line of Animal Finger Puppets as well for education, school projects and learning play fun.

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Bald Eagle T Shirt for National Bird Lover Pride

Bald Eagle T ShirtOf all the birds to witness in flight or at rest the pinnacle is the Bald Eagle. With it’s automatic prestige as the national bird of the USA the Bald Eagle is the preeminent sight for every bird watcher. Embodying the spirit and beauty of this beauty is the new Bald Eagle T Shirt featured online by Animal World. Printed in the USA on natural color 100% cotton the Bald Eagle T Shirt is available in child as well as adult sizes. Whether the person is a dedicated bird watching enthusiast or a casual wildlife observer the reaction to seeing a Bald Eagle in flight is always exciting. Bald Eagles at one point were on the brink of extinction, however, today we are cautiously watching their number increase to the point where today Eagles are no longer on the list of endangered species. The new Bald Eagle T Shirt appropriately not only captures America’s national bird in artwork it appropriately is also made in the USA. Bald Eagle Gifts Store enthusiasts can sport the Eagle T Shirt during warm Spring or Summer days. Similarly eagle bird lover can transition from the T Shirt to the Eagle sweatshirt when the weather turns cold during the Fall and Winter for year round fashion.

Post by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

National Save the Bald Eagles Day Gifts

eagle crossing signMonday January 10th is National Save the Bald Eagles Day. To celebrate this noble day Animal World features many Eagle Gifts store items including Eagle blanket throw tapestries, plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures, puppets, pillow, crossing sign, earrings, bookends, figurines, t shirts, mug and keychain. Bald Eagles at one time were on the brink of extinction primarily because of pesticides like DDT. Today Eagles continue on their road back to recovery as their numbers to grow and are currently spreading into new areas that are conducive to abundant food and raising eagle families. Eagles unlike many other backyard birds have their baby eaglets in the middle of winter. Both Eagle parents work diligently to feed the babies as they slowly grow from babies to young adults. Bald Eagles are our national bird so their can be no more noble cause than the safety, preservation and revitalization of this majestic bird. Observing an Eagle soar overhead is an exhilarating experience since no other bird shares the combination bright white head and tail. bronze eagle bookendsNo other bird flies like the Eagle, no other bird looks like the Eagle and no other bird is revered by all than the Eagle. Eagles cannot change the world, however, Eagles can certainly watch the world from high above and observe how we treat the world. As we save the Eagles we are in essence saving ourselves. We can receive so much more in saving the Eagle than could ever be given. Eagles can then be part or our lives, our children’s and their children to infinitude as the world originally intended. Man could never make an eagle, however, through days of recognition like Save the Eagles Day hopefully man will protect and preserve the Eagle all future generations.

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