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Seahorses are marine life educational play fun.

We all know of horses can run on land. The Kentucky Derby was just run and it was won by a longshot horse at 50-1 odds. Horses of another kind are part of the wonderful world of underwater coral reefs. This type of horse of which we are referring is the unique Seahorses which resemble horses from the neck up but with fins and a tail. Seahorses come in beautiful colors like yellow, purple, pink, green, teal, orange and many other tropical colors. Seahorses can also be leafy seadragons or weedy seadragon seahorses. Seahorses like so many animals adapt to their surrounding allowing them to survive. Seahorses are often selected for diorama projects for school education when classrooms study marine life. Seahorses are also perfect for decorating the son or daughter bedroom that wants to be a marine biologist. Seahorses Gifts for education, home decor, school projects, fashion, or office gift needs are part of the animal and pet lover gift industry. Seahorse plush stuffed animals like the one shown, plus crossing signs, earrings, mugs, toy miniatures, figurines and even keychains are available for the Seahorse enthusiast.

New Hermit Crab Toy

For people who love Hermit Crabs Toys and want an excellent replica of a hermit crab look no further than the new Hermit Crab Toy Replica at Crab Gifts at Animal World®. The detail on this hermit crab toy is incredible. It is perfect for play fun, for school projects, a child’s imagination or just collecting. It is shown about 2/3 of the way down the page after the crab stuffed animal plush, crossing signs, after the figurine and before the keychain.

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