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Sandicast Elephant Figurine Faces of Nature Statue is Limited Edition Fun

Capturing a magnificent elephant head pose the Sandicast Elephant Figurine Faces of Nature Statue comes with it’s own pedestal black square base.With it’s trademark large continent shaped ears and long ivory tusks the Elephant Figurine Faces of Nature sculpted originally by Sandra Brue is a necessity for any elephant enthusiast lover’s home decor. Made originally out of clay the Faces of Nature Elephant was produced originally by Sandicast out of cast stone from their headquarters in San Diego USA. Today they are produced as most other animal figurines overseas where production costs are lower. For Sandicast collectors, however, having one of the originals made in the USA is the goal and carries with it a much higher future collector value. This is especially true upon closer analysis of the Sandicast Elephant Figurine realistic detail. Somehow, Sandra Brue was able to capture all the wrinkles, folds and course texture of elephant’s skin. It is easy to forget that the Elephant figurine statue is actually made of cast stone and not an actual elephant. With it’s mounting on the black pedestal the Sandicast Elephant Faces of Nature Statue receives it’s due in prominence while at the same time remaining discretely in the background. As with all animal figurines quantity is limited to production runs. With it’s retirement by Sandicast inventory only remains in retailer stock or with online animal gift specialists such as Animal World. As a special gift for yourself or for the elephant animal lover the Sandicast Elephant Faces of Nature Statue would make a very special present.

Copy and Photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Airbrushed Elephant Figurine Statue by John Perry provides warm home decor

Elephant Figurine Airbrushed John PerryJohn Perry is a well known naturalist sculpture known mainly for his ocean sea life statues. He also has many stunning other animals. The Elephant Figurine Airbrushed John Perry is one of those other statues. John has captured the bull African elephant in an intimidating pose with his large ears out and his tusks in an aggressive position. The Elephant figurine is airbrushed to a natural gray color and is posed on a slab of burl wood that has been polished to a warm glow. This elephant figurine by John Perry especially since it is on the unique wooden base is an ideal foundation for an application of a personalized trophy name plate. Since elephants are the mascot of the Republican Party this procedure lends itself well to office decor of a local politician. Organizations also have elephants as their mascot and the Airbrushed Elephant figurine makes a wonderful fund raiser. The elephant figurine is made of pellucida a unique material that John Perry has developed for his statues. At the Elephant Gift Store at Animal World many other elephant gift items are available such as a stunning blanket throw tapestry, a large variety of elephant plush stuffed animals, elephant crossing sign, elephant earrings, realistic elephant toy miniatures and other elephant figurines such as pieces from Sandicast and The Herd. The elephant lover is sure to find many items to add to their elephant collection.

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