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Elephant T Shirt for Youth and Adults at Animal World

Elephant T Shirt USA
Elephant T Shirt USA

Elephants have always been a peoples favorite at Zoos and for adventurous animal lovers on an African Safari. Capturing that elephant moment in time is the Elephant T Shirt now online at animal T shirt specialist Animal World. Printed on natural color 100% cotton the Elephant T Shirt is available in sizes from the smallest youth to the largest adult. Made in the USA by Animal World the Elephant T Shirt features the bold presence of an adult moving toward you in the classic ears out warning stance of a bull elephant. In the background is a second elephant in similar pose but allowing the main bull to send the message that any further encroachment into their territory will not be acceptable. According to Nicky at the same artwork is available on an elephant sweatshirt or elephant hoodie. Since the elephant T shirt is available in all sizes everyone in the family can match. This can make for a special feeling of bonding especially in a father son or mother daughter situation, especially if visiting a zoo or wildlife habitat. The Elephant T shirt is also excellent in business environments where the elephant may be the mascot or symbol of what the organization wants to personify. Animal clubs and wildlife fund raisers may also wish to utilize the elephant t shirt for team members. Elephant Gift Stores looking for new items to sell in addition to their plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures and figurine statues, the elephant t shirt is an excellent addition. 

Article and photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography


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