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Bumble Bee Earrings Jewelry Spring Fashion Fun

gold bumble bee earrings french curve
Bumble Bee Earrings Gold
gold bee earrings post
Gold Bee Earrings Post

It is spring so it is the perfect time to shake things up and break out a pair of Bumble Bee Earrings Gold French Curve or Bee Earring Post for warm weather fashion fun. Featured online by animal earrings specialist Animal World the Bee Jewelry Earrings are perfect for casual wear or elegant dress up styled fashion. Made by Fine Enamels both styles are currently in stock but are retired so stock is limited to earrings in retailers stock at this moment. According to Mary at Animal World they still have 2 in stock of each Bee jewelry style. Featuring fine enamel over gold the bee earrings french curve would be best suited for ladies and dress up whereas the gold bee earrings post would be most appropriate for young girls or situations where there is high activity like running. Bee Gifts Stores would be wise to offer Bee Jewelry Earrings for their shoppers in addition to the bee plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures, crossing sign, necktie and keychain already in their offering. For ladies sporting spring fashion or looking to highlight the color yellow the Bee Earrings French Curve or Post would be excellent choices for exciting accessory fashion fun.

Bee Earrings Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography Website Consultant

Ladybug Earrings Jewelry Pins for Valentines Day

ladybug earrings post
Ladybug Earrings Post
ladybug pin brooch
Ladybug Pin Brooch

During the coldest part of the year comes the warmest of special times Valentines Day. As a way to continue the warm feelings of Valentines Day a gift of Ladybug Earrings or Ladybug Pin Jewelry not only offers the mantra of good luck, they also bring with them one of the classic signs of warm weather brought on by Spring. With a realistic look and size the Ladybug Earrings Post are immediate attention grabbers and show off a open inviting personality. Complement the Ladybug Earrings Post with the matching Ladybug Pin Jewelry and there is enough good luck to share with all your friends. Ladybug lovers will love receiving Ladybug jewelry for Valentine’s Day especially since Ladybugs and roses share the same red color of love. Ladybug gift store enthusiasts need to move quickly on securing their Ladybug jewelry earrings or pins however since the manufacturer has discontinued production of these items. According to Nickie at Animal World “we are limited to stock on hand with regard to our Fine Enamel Ladybug Earrings and Pins so it is definitely time to seize the opportunity. We also offer Gold Ladybug Earrings French Curve, Fine Enamel Ladybug Earrings French Curve, Fine Enamel Ladybug Brooch Pin and a larger pair of Ladybug Earrings Post.”  If Valentines Day gift givers want to continue the Ladybug theme they can also find a full line of Ladybug Gifts Store items including Ladybug throw blanket, crossing sign, stuffed animal plush, earrings, t shirt, puppet, keychain, and toy miniatures.

Ladybug Earrings Pin Jewelry Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Ladybug Earrings Pin Pictures by Fine Enamels

Fine Enamels Animal Earrings Pins by Crown Jewelry Selling Out

monarch butterfly earrings
Monarch Butterfly Earrings

For animal jewelry lovers who love the Fine Enamels line of animal earrings and pin by Crown Jewelry, the days of availability are numbered. According to animal earrings pins specialist Mary at Animal World “with Christmas sales our inventory of the Fine Enamels line of animal earrings and pins is running very low with many styles are already sold out.” With Crown Jewelry’s decision to phase out their line of Fine Enamels animal earrings supply has become very scarce with the exception of retail stores and online retailers who still have inventory on hand. Mary at Animal World comments, “the Fine Enamels line was very popular, however, as they sell out, since they are out of production, they therefore become permanently unavailable for future purchase. Known for their detailed hand painting which brought out the vivid colors especially in the bird earrings, butterfly earrings, dog earrings, cat earrings and dragonfly earrings, the Fine Enamels animal earrings line at this time are irreplaceable. The Fine Enamels line also included horse earrings, bat earrings, turtle earrings, crab earrings,  bee earrings, ladybug earrings and seahorse earrings. Animal World continues to offer online a wide variety of  gold jewelry animal earrings from Wild Bryde.

Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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