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Flamingo Toy Miniature Replica Birds at Anwo Animal World

Flamingo Toy Miniature Replica
Flamingo Toy Miniature Replica at Animal World

Since the days of army men, cowboys, Indians and dinosaur plastic toy animals, plastic toys have been an important part of children’s learning play fun. Today plastic animal toys range the full spectrum from wild animals, to domestic farm animals, dogs, cats, ocean, forest, desert and even birds. The Flamingo Toy Miniature Replica is the perfect example of just one of the many bird plastic animal toys. Offered online by  bird lover gifts specialist Animal World the Flamingo toy miniature replicas are available in two sizes. The larger Flamingo Toy Miniature Replica measures  3.5″ high x 2.5″ long x 1.5″ wide and features a Flamingo in its classic regal standing pose. The smaller Flamingo Toy Mini Good Luck Miniature 1″ is perfect for collecting and small wildlife displays like flamingo dioramas and Noah’s Ark collectors. Made by Safari Toys both Flamingo Toy Miniature Replicas are made of PVC, hand painted and meet all European / American standards for toy safety.

Flamingo Toy Mini Good Luck Miniature
Flamingo Toy Mini Good Luck Miniature 1″

Flamingo Toy Miniature Replicas Article by Steve Forrest

Flamingo Toy Miniature Replica Pictures by Safari Toys

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