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London Olympics made Flying Squirrel Toy Figurine Miniatures Popular

flying squirrel toy miniature

With the recent 2012 London Olympics gymnastic competition the term flying squirrel became a way of describing participants as they flew threw the air when competing in the uneven parallel bars. This was an excellent way to define the gymnasts flying threw the air connected by alternating grabbing the bars as the hub to their spiraling twists, jumps and leaps. The inspiration for the term flying squirrel of course is the real flying squirrel animal. Many people have no idea what a flying squirrel looks like however the flying squirrel toy miniature shown above and offered online by animal and pet theme gift specialist Animal World is a totally realistic representation. Featuring the wing like skin that forms a natural flying surface between the upper and lower legs the Flying Squirrel Figurine Miniature is so realistic looking it appears ready to fly at a moments notice. As a symbol for the women’s gymnastic competition during this 2012 London Olympics the Flying Squirrel Toys are ready to take on their new role of mascot and inspiration for aspiring young gymnasts all over the nation and around the world. Expanding on the theme Flying Squirrel gifts store enthusiasts may also be interested in the flying squirrel plush stuffed animal toy or hand puppet.  Just like the London Olympics Gymnastic competitors, the real life flying squirrel flies from unparalleled branch to branch in it’s real life competition to survive within it’s own forest treed gymnasium natural habitat. 

Copy by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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