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Flying Squirrel Puppet New at Anwo Animal World

Flying Squirrel Puppet
Flying Squirrel Puppet at

A Flying Squirrel Puppet is now invading classrooms and houses everywhere as they fly with help from people who make them come to life with lifelike splendor. Offered online by animal puppets specialist Animal World the flying squirrel hand puppet offers a realistic look and easy to handle characteristics that allow even the most novice puppeteer the opportunity to live the imaginary life of a flying squirrel. Measuring 15″ long nose to tail x 8″ wide x 3″ high the flying squirrel puppet features tan, brown, black soft plush and lifelike brown eyes. For Flying Squirrel Gifts Store animal lovers the Flying Squirrel puppet joins current gift items at Anwo Animal World including a flying squirrel plush stuffed animal and flying squirrel toy miniature.

Flying Squirrel Puppet article by Steve Forrest

Flying Squirrel Puppet photography by Folkmanis

Flying Squirrel Toy Miniature for play, education, school, and decor.

The Flying Squirrel toy miniature replica is the newest addition to the ever expanding line of Toy Animals at Animal World. Measuring a realistic 5.25″ high by 6″ wide by 5″ deep this Flying Squirrel is life size. Many figurines are made of cast stone which is traditional however with the use of durable plastic greater detail can be achieved without worry of breakage. This incredible realism is displayed in particular with regard to the wings, ears and claws on this Flying Squirrel Toy Miniature. Made by Safari this Squirrel Toy Miniature shown meets all safety standards for toys.

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