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Alligator Puppet is snapping good educational play fun

alligator puppet folkmanisEveryone wants to get there hands on the Alligator Puppet because everyone wants to snap those big jaws on something or somebody. That is what makes animal puppets so much fun, they immediate force the puppeteer to interject their personality through the puppet. Boys especially want to chase the girls with the alligator puppet. Teachers immediately get the attention of the students in class with use of the Alligator puppet. Made of soft detailed plush the Folkmanis Alligator is a long time favorite of story tellers, animators and children of all ages who wanted to wrestle the personality of a real alligator. The Alligator puppet has an easy to work mouth and it held cross armed you can bring the tail to life with your opposite hand. The alligator puppet is just one example of the ever expanding line of alligator gifts store animal puppets which are wonderful for schools, libraries, churches and just learning play fun.

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