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New Great Horned Owl Puppet and Snowy White Owl Puppet at Animal World

snowy white owl puppet
Snowy White Owl Puppet
great horned owl puppet
Great Horned Owl Puppet

One area of the puppet industry that has grown tremendously over the past 20 years is the selection and variety of realistic animal puppets now available especially online. With this in mind animal hand puppet specialist Animal World is proud to offer an extremely realistic looking Great Horned Owl Puppet as well as a Snowy White Owl Puppet. Both owl puppets literally come to life as soon as you insert your hand into the easy to work animation area. The most majestic of the two owl puppets is the Great Horned Owl. With its striking large lifelike size and realistic look the Great Horned Owl puppet is an immediate attention grabber. Combine these qualities with the easy to work swiveling head and ability to close or open the eyes the Great Horned Owl without much effort appears to be surveying its surroundings with wisdom, knowledge and keen but passing interest. Similar in features but contrasting in appearance is the beautiful Snowy White Owl Puppet. With its snowy white with black tipped highlight markings the Snowy White Owl’s appearance immediately transcends you away to an ultra quiet wooded land far away covered in deep snow where man rarely treads. Both the Great Horned Owl Puppet and Snowy White Owl Puppet lend themselves for immediate use in classroom where they can educate, entertain and interact with students in a lifelike setting without the dangers of working with live animals. Getting close to real animals even in a zoo is almost impossible however students can get right next to either the Great Horned Owl Puppet or the Snowy White Owl puppet for an imaginary but real life experience. If the student feels adventurous they can even take a chance at being the owl puppeteer themselves. By working the Owl Puppets themselves they often allow the puppet to bring out personality or performance traits which might otherwise remain dormant. As with all Folkmanis animal puppets quality is one of utmost concern. With every puppet online at Animal World you know you are getting some of the finest, most lifelike puppets available anywhere in the market. Animal hand puppets are fun. The addition of the new Great Horned Owl Puppet and Snowy White Owl Puppet are sure to increase the enjoyment, education and fun that all animal hand puppets are ready to offer whenever wildlife interaction entertainment is part of the curriculum. The owl puppets are also perfect for individual creative play fun.

Great Horned Owl and Snowy White Owl Puppet Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Snowy White Owl and Great Horned Owl Puppet Pictures by Folkmanis

Chameleon Puppet is animal puppet story time play fun

chameleon puppet folkmanis
Chameleon Puppet by Folkmanis is animal puppets educational play fun. With it’s bright green and dark green shiny plush this Chameleon appears to change colors as you view it from different angles. It is easy to work the mouth and you can even flick the tongue in and out with your finger for additional puppet fun. If you hold the Chameleon puppet cross armed you can move the tail and back legs with your opposite hand for added lifelike movements. The neatest feature about the Chameleon Puppet is being able to move the eyes, you can roll them, push them out, and manipulate them any way you want. Budweiser a few years ago made Chameleons famous by using a Chameleon, they called it the Budweiser lizard in a swamp to help advertise their product. This showed the kind of personality you can bring to the Chameleon puppet. For teachers looking for a way to engage their children in an active learning environment the Chameleon Puppet will certainly achieve desired results. Put on the other hand when children have a chance to work with animal puppets like the Chameleon it seems to have a way of bringing out the child’s personality. This is especially important in education when a teacher is trying to get a child to come out of their shell. The best thing about the Chameleon Puppet as well as all Folkmanis animal puppets is their ability to stimulate imagination, creativity and make learning education more fun.

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