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New Field Mouse Finger Puppet is Adorable and Very Cute

Field Mouse Finger Puppet

Why are mice used so often in movies? The answer is very simple, it is because they are so darn cute and adorable. The same holds true with the new Folkmanis Field Mouse Finger Puppet featured online by Animal World on their Animal Finger Puppets gifts page. By simply putting the new Field Mouse Finger Puppet on your finger it immediately comes to life and the eyes seem to be looking directly at you with interest and inquisitiveness. Featuring a realistic look the Field Mouse Finger Puppet has soft brown plush, pink ears,  pink nose, pink tail and is easy to work. For teachers reading books that have a mouse as a character, the Field Mouse Finger Puppet is ready to bring story time to life. Classrooms are immediately attracted to following the antics of this personality filled animal finger puppet. In addition to the teacher with it’s ease of use the Field Mouse Finger Puppet can be handled by students of all age. With each new puppeteer a new personality is automatically given to the Field Mouse Finger Puppet. Animal puppets are designed for performing, so without a lot of effort the Field Mouse Finger Puppet is ready to do it’s part and if necessary steal the show as mice are so often known to do. Individual use of the Field Mouse Finger Puppet is always a possibility during quiet times. Children can have imaginary friend that are always there for instant companionship. The elderly in assisted living centers can also use animal finger puppets like the Field Mouse Puppet for friendship during lonely times.

Post by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography 

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