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New Firefly Finger Puppet by Folkmanis is ingenious play fun

firefly finger puppet folkmanisAnimal Finger Puppets are the simplest but sometimes most effective of all animal puppets. The new Firefly Finger puppet is ingenious because in addition to it’s uniqueness as a finger puppet it just like a real firefly it actually lights up when you put your finger in it. Children love catching fireflies when the weather gets warm and people enjoy getting outdoors. Now instead of just catching fireflies they can become a firefly. The wings on the new Folkmanis Firefly finger puppet are made of leather, the under wings are made of a silvery light material with silver highlights, the body is soft black plush and the tail is a luminescent bright green. For teachers the Firefly finger puppet is perfect for telling a story entailing fireflies or backyard adventures. To provide a realistic reenactment of fireflies teachers could make a room dark and allow the firefly finger puppet with the lit tail become the focal point of how animals on land and also in the deep waters of the ocean are able to provide their own light in order to usually attract food for a meal. Best of all the Firefly Finger Puppet is available for year round play fun whereas real fireflies are seasonal and only make themselves visible for a short period of time each year. The Firefly finger puppet is just one of an ever expanding line of animal finger puppets produced by Folkmanis for educational, creative and imaginative play fun.

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