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Goat Puppet is Animal Puppets Personality Personified

goat puppet FolkmanisJust looking at this Goat Puppet it appears to be loaded with personality, just imagine how it looks when you bring it to life with voice and animation. Featuring an amazing face this Goat Puppet has horns, detailed gray, brown, black white plush and is best animated with two hands in the cross armed pose. With one hand animating the face, mouth, cheeks, eyes and rotating the neck the other hand movement can be created with a twitch of the tail, breathing of the abdomen and adjustment in the position of the legs. All this sounds complicated but in reality the more subtle the movement the more realistic the animation whether it is the Folkmanis Goat Puppet or one of the increasing line of Animal Puppet for educational creative play fun. According to Steve Forrest at Animal World “the envelope continues to be pushed by the the creative, realistic and beautiful animal puppets at Folkmanis. The Goat Puppet is just one of the latest of the in an ongoing line of animal hand puppets that transcend the arena of animals and people. For Goat Gift Store enthusiasts the Goat Puppet will be an exciting collectible to add to the current offering of Goat plush stuffed animal toys, earrings, crossing sign and figurines.

Goat Puppet is unexpected adorable storytime fun

goat puppetThe Goat has a checkered past in history, folklore, cartoons, and in our minds as a stubborn and ornery character. Often you may here the comment “stubborn as an old goat” or “ornery as an old goat”. However to many Goats are a wonderful farm animal and the new Goat puppet provides the opportunity for everyone to get to know the goat better. To capture this new found beauty and character the Folkmanis Goat Puppet is ready to win you over during story time as it comes to life in animation and imagination. Featuring gorgeous charcoal silver, white, and black soft plush this goat puppet is easy to work and is ready for your creativity. According to Folkmanis if you hold any of their full size puppets in the the cross armed position you will not only be able to work the face you will also be able to bring to life such parts as the back legs, chest and tail with your opposite hand. Another nice feature of the Goat Puppet is it’s universality. Teachers, librarians and students can all work the Goat Puppet easily and thereby involving participation by all parties in a productive, energetic and fun learning experience. The Goat Puppet can allow children to hold a goat, although it is not real the experience is very lifelike. In addition the shape and size of the Goat can be learned and absorbed in an almost natural experience that pictures cannot convey. Working with live goat could be a difficult experience but working with a goat puppet is easy, fun and fruitful as it can be with all animal puppets.

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