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Monarch Butterfly Finger Puppets are good luck

monarch butterfly finger puppetIf a butterfly land on you they bring you good luck. With the new Monarch Butterfly Finger Puppet you can bring yourself good luck any time. With a simple wiggle of your finger you can easily bring the Monarch Butterfly finger puppet to life. The wings a made of detailed fabric and the body is a soft black material with a hole for your finger. Since the wings are light they actually flap like a real butterfly when you animate it with your finger. Teachers reading stories about butterflies will bring characters to life with the touch of a finger. Students will be more actively involved listening and during opportune moments may don the Monarch Butterfly to bring it their own personality and spirit. For butterfly clubs the Folkmanis Monarch Butterfly could be distributed during butterfly events. parties and fund raisers. One of the nicest butterfly arboretums you could ever visit is the one in Key West. There Blue morphs and Monarch Butterflies like the finger puppet may land on you and look just like the picture above. Made by Folkmanis the Monarch Butterfly finger puppet is just one in an ever increasing line of wonderful animal finger puppets available for education, creativity, imagination and fun.

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