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New Opossum Finger Puppet from Folkmanis

Opossum Finger PuppetFor years Folkmanis puppets produced an adorable full size Opossum Puppet featuring an adult Opossum with a Velcro removable baby opossum. Unfortunately Folkmanis decided to discontinue production of this full size Opossum puppet. The good news is there is now a new Opossum Finger Puppet for animal puppet lover fun. Featuring silver, black pink soft plush the new Opossum Finger Puppet is realistic, playful looking and is ready to come to life with a touch of a finger. The nice attribute of all finger puppets like the Opossum Finger Puppet is their universality. In other words the Opossum Finger Puppet is so easy to work that anyone of any age from young to old can operate an animal finger puppet. The amazing characteristic of any animal puppet is the way everyone projects their own unique personality through in this case the Opossum Finger Puppet. Imagine the fun a teacher can have wiggling the opossum finger puppet as she reads a story maybe about an opossum. Students can even take turns playing the part of the opossum and act out what is happening in the book which increases interaction and in turn the learning curve. The Opossum Finger Puppet is just one of many Animal Finger Puppets featured by Animal World that are all easy to work, educational and best of all playful learning fun. Opossum Gift Store enthusiasts will be thrilled to add the Opossum Finger Puppet to their Opossum plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures and crossing signs.

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