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New Style Ladybug Puppet Now at Anwo Animal World

ladybug puppet
Folkmanis Ladybug Puppet at Animal World

Animal Hand Puppets are fun and when a new style is introduced by Folmanis Puppets it is always worth mentioning. This is the case with the new Ladybug Puppet found online by animal puppets specialist Animal World. Featuring that classic red shell with black spots this Ladybug Puppet has elastic stretch glove like finger locations which allow this Ladybug Puppet to crawl just like a real ladybug. For Ladybug Gifts Store enthusiast the Ladybug Hand Puppet makes everyone lucky as the persons personality comes through as the puppeteer makes the Ladybug come to life.

Ladybug Puppet Article by Steve Forrest

Ladybug Puppet Photography by Folkmanis Puppets


Snail Puppet is Animal Finger Puppet educational play fun.

Snail Finger PuppetThe new Snail Puppet is yet another example of the wide variety of animal finger puppets by Folkmanis and featured online by Animal World. Made of soft brown and cream color plush the Snail Finger Puppet Animal Hand Puppets can sometimes be a little intimidating for children. This situation is avoided completely with the animal finger puppets like the Snail Finger Puppet. In contrary children love to put animal finger puppets on their finger and voila it immediately comes to life. In addition, children immediately not only can bring the Snail Finger Puppet to life it also represents the personality of the child puppeteer. Of course animal finger puppets like the Snail Finger Puppet are not exclusive to use by children alone, anyone can have fun with the wiggle of a finger. With a little help on how to work animal finger puppets puppeteers can do learn how to with a little imagination communicate. Teachers can of course find unlimited uses for animal finger puppets, but one of the simplest would be assisting in make a book character come to life during story time.

Lion Puppet by Folkmanis is King of the Beasts fun

Lion Puppet by Folkmanis is King of the Beast’s fun for children and adults. As with all puppets they rely on people to bring them to life with their own unique personality, charisma and animation. This Lion puppet is so easy to work with it’s already engaging face with bright eyes, beautiful mane, striking markings and realistic body. Teachers love animal puppets and the Folkmanis Lion Puppet will bring color and realism to story time. The story possibilities are endless from the Wizard of Oz, to The Adventures of Narnia, The Lion King and any other book that might involve a Lion. Likewise, students can also use the Lion Puppet to help make book reports, school projects or presentations grab the attention of teachers and fellow students. As demonstrated by Folkmanis Puppets experts at gift shows the best way to work the Lion Puppet is using the cross armed pose. With your preferred hand working the mouth the puppeteer can work the mouth and create other lifelike movements like breathing, cheek movement, eyebrow raising, neck turning and other subtleties that all help give the Lion Puppet personality and realism. With the opposite hand to create movement from the tail, the leg, the stomach from underneath where it remains unseen. Lion Puppets are just one of many Lion Gifts Store items that make Lions a popular animal for animal enthusiasts. Animal enthusiasts are joined by people who follow astrology. For them Leo the Lion is always a popular Zodiac sign. Leo the Lion is known for strength, leadership and ready to take action. All these same qualities are captured in the Lion Puppet and as the puppeteer provides the lifelike energy to the presentation arena people are entertained, educated and provide their own synergy for a truly unique imaginary experience.

Llama Puppets for educational imaginative play fun.

llama puppet folkmanisPuppets are special because they actually come to life under the direction of anyone brave enough to put let their personality be played out in animation. The new Llama puppet by Folkmanis combines a great look with realistic plush feel and pose to create a stage for the animal puppeteer. As with most Folkmanis puppets it is designed to be handled cross armed. Use your favored hand to work the mouth and give expressions to the eyes, forehead and neck area. With your free hand you can provide movement to the legs and tail by manipulating with simple movement of fingers and wrist. With a little practice in front of a mirror the Llama puppet can be worked like a professional and with it comes an ability to entertain friends, educate students, animate plays, productions and all the while having a good time. Animal puppets like the llama puppet are available in a variety of animals, pets, birds, ocean animals and even insects. Puppets have a long history but never before have they been as well done and as realistic as the current line available.

Animal Puppets from A to Z for imagination, creativity, education and play fun.

goat puppetAnimal Puppets have come a long way from the sock puppets some of us made in school. Now with companies like Folkmanis puppets creating realistic animal puppets the animal can come to life with the imagination of the puppeteer. Animal puppets are literally available in animals from A – Z. Farm animal puppets are available in horses, cows, pigs, llamas, goats, chickens, roosters, donkeys lambs, sheep and ducks. Pet animal puppets include dogs, cats, guinea pigs hamsters, hedgehogs, and a white mouse. North American animals puppets are available in wolf, bobcats, coyotes, beavers, armadillos, chipmunks, squirrels, fox, bear, groundhogs, skunk, flying squirrels, opossum, porcupine, rabbits, raccoons, and beavers. Safari and jungle animal puppets include tigers, gorillas, lions, monkeys, orangutan, and pandas. alligator puppetWildlife bird puppets are available including eagles, peacocks, baby birds, crows, owls, ostrich. Ocean and water animals including sharks, dolphins, turtles, frogs, sea otters, river otters, seals, clams, and alligators. There are even reptiles and insects like lizards, chameleons, iguanas, butterflies, spiders and caterpillars. Prehistoric and mythical animal puppets include T Rex Tyrannosaurus Rex, dragons, Pegasus and Woolly Mammoth. Animal puppets are fun and as shown they are extremely realistic with regard to the animals they represent. Teachers can make story time come to life with puppets. Just imagine the simple story of the wolf and the three pigs coming to life with the students taking turns playing the part of the wolf or one of the three pigs. woolly mammoth puppetSinging nursery rhymes like itsy bitsy spider can capture the children attention immediately if you used a spider puppet to animate the song. Boys would love dinosaur education time when the T Rex tyrannosaurus rex puppet comes to life with the puppeteers creativity.

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