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Folkmanis Retired Tiger Puppet Large is gorgeous

large tiger puppet folkmanisThe Tiger Folkmanis Animal Puppets is gorgeous and unfortunately it is also retired and is hard to find. It is still available at some retailers so if you have the opportunity to snatch one up do not hesitate. With a great face incredible markings and a full body with tail for authenticity the possibilities are endless. As a teacher the Tiger Puppet immediately captures the attention of the students and helps to make learning a lot of fun instead of still and lifeless. For collectors the Tiger puppet is a collectible because Folkmanis no longer makes this beautiful puppet. For future value puppeteers should consider the Folkmanis Tiger puppet to add to your collection. The large Tiger Puppet is a one of a kind and it is a beautiful piece of work. The Tiger puppet like all animal puppets is ready to come to life. Taking on the personality of whoever handle the puppet the tiger can be happy, sad, excited, shy, brave or happy all dependent on the amateur or professional puppeteer. Best of all people of all ages can have fun and maybe discover a hidden talent. With a natural look Tiger puppets can entertain, educate and provide playful fun for all.

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