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Animal Puppets are educational play fun.

ostrich puppet

Animal Puppets continue to grow in variety and quality. Some of the newest ones puppets in the puppet industry are the new Ostrich puppet large and the ostrich puppet finger style. The detail on both of these puppets is amazing and the feathery wing plush feels like real bird feathers however they are of course not real bird feathers. Folkmanis is the manufacturer of a lot of the animal puppets and they continue to stay on the leading edge of realism, beauty, and cuteness to their line of puppets. Most of the puppets have workable mouths, some have workable legs, wings and most are designed to be held cross armed so that you can create movement with your other hand such as moving a tail in a swish or maybe moving a leg to help create realism. Animal Puppets are perfect for education, school projects and imagination play fun.
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