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Frog Earrings Gold Jewelry for frog lover enthusiast fashion fun

frog earrings gold jewelryFrog Earrings are a wonderful way to show your love for these amphibians of the world. Made in the USA the Frog Earrings are lightweight and are perfect for wildlife lover dress up or casual fashion fun. Made in an environmentally friendly manner the Frog earrings gold jewelry are first etched in recycled brass, then hand hammered on a gentle curve using a special plannishing tool which produces multiple facets which capture and reflect the light so the frog earrings seem to dance as they move. The french curve earring wires are 14 kt gold fill and the frog earrings feature a blue lapis bead as a focal point. During the winter Frogs hibernate, however, with Spring warm weather they appear and begin their frog chorus of sounds which tell us all that Spring is almost here. To celebrate this wonderful rebirth time of the year anyone that loves frogs can feel part of this special time. For many frogs may be the symbol of a club or organization. To provide a feeling of one the members could all wear the frog earrings as a morale builder and esprit decor. Frog enthusiasts also know that in many places frogs are losing habitat. To bring attention to this situation frog environmentalists could wear the frog earrings. The frog earrings could also be a useful tool in raising money during frog fund raising events. Frogs are such an important part of our lives and the frog earrings capture that unique relationship in animal earrings fashion fun.

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