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New Frog Life Cycle Toy Miniature for education and play fun

frog life cycle toy miniatureFrogs are a popular subject for classrooms across America and around the world. In science classes students learn the frog life cycle from egg to adult frog. The new Frog Life Cycle Toy Miniature takes the frog from eggs to tadpole, to tadpole with back legs and gills. The frog then establishes front legs and finally an adult frog with lungs. All these stages are depicted in the frog life cycle toy miniature. Any student can easily display the stages of life for the frog in a simple, meaningful, colorful and educational way. Teachers can also benefit from the frog life cycle toy miniature. To study real frog eggs, tadpoles or frogs are a difficult task and certainly not environmentally friendly. The Frog Toy Miniature however provides an easy hands on learning experience, without the mess and with no harm to real life frogs in the actual stages of life. As with all animal toy miniatures they are manufactured to meet all the safety standards for toy according to US and European guidelines.

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