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Poison Arrow Frog Crossing Sign is Educational Fun and Function

Poison Dart Frog Sign
Poison Arrow Frog Crossing Sign

Most people have come across a Frog in their lives but most have never and will never cross paths with a Poison Arrow Frog. To be on the safe side if you did come across a Poison Arrow Frog Crossing Sign you may wish to heed the warning. In reality Poison Dart Frogs don’t shoot out poison darts however their toxin is used in tipping poison blow darts. With their shiny bright colors of yellow, blue, red, orange with black the poison dart frogs are easily the prettiest of all frogs. Indigenous to the rainforests of South America the Poison Arrow Frogs like so many other animals is losing habitat and with it their ability to survive. Many Poison Dart Frogs are on the endangered species list and many already may have gone extinct. So in reality the Poison Dart Frog Crossing Signs can be a method of education to bring awareness to their plight and help them survive into the future. Poison Dart Frog Signs are also the perfect way to increase interest in frogs in general. With the brightly colored artwork of the Poison Arrow Frogs Crossing Sign it actually is ready for home decor, college room decor or even business office decor.

Poison Arrow Frog Crossing Sign Article and Photo by Steve Forrest

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