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German Shepherd blanket throw tapestry for Patriotic Home Decor

German Shepherd blanket throw tapestryGerman Shepherd dogs are one of the most instantly recognized and revered dog breeds in the world. Known for their intelligence, fearlessness, train ability and companionship the German Shepherd is a favorite breed for past present and future. For people searching for a way to capture that prestige the German Shepherd blanket throw tapestry accomplishes that need. Made in the USA of 3 ply 100% cotton the German Shepherd blanket throw tapestry captures the distinct look, intelligence and beautiful brown, tan, brown and black markings unique to the breed. The German Shepherd blanket makes an excellent gift for service dog masters including Police, Search and Rescue and the military. For German Shepherd dog enthusiasts the dog blanket throw tapestry can be displayed as wall decor, laid on a single bed, across a sofa, chair, or used to stay warm on chilly days. Although German Shepherds are not American in origin they have been embraced and have certainly done their patriotic duty for America in more ways than could ever be documented. For this reason German Shepherds feel like an American breed and almost appear to be posing in uniform. Everyone should be proud of the heritage German Shepherd dog bring to American history for this reason the German Shepherd gifts like the dog blanket throw tapestry can feel comfortable in any home across the USA.

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