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Sandicast German Shepherd Figurine Statue in Classic At Attention and Ready Pose

German Shepherd Figurine Sandicast Statue
Sandicast German Shepherd Figurine Statue

When it comes to the classic image of a German Shepherd it immediately reverts to the classic at attention and ready police dog like sitting pose. Bred as a working dog primarily for work in the armed services or in police work the ready position for any German Shepherd is sitting alert ready for any command from it’s owner or trainer. For German Shepherd breed dog lovers looking for this pose in a dog figurine statue no one did it better than Sandra Brue. What made the Sandicast German Shepherd Figurine Statue so much better than any ones prior or thereafter were the attention to details Sandra Brue worked on to make her contribution unique. First Sandra would get to know the German Shepherd by spending time with it, taking pictures, and discovering the true inner spirit of the breed. Then sculpting the original out of clay she somehow captured that inner spirit of the German Shepherd breed in the dog figurine statue. Then somehow without measuring Sandra Brue was able to create realistic muscle tone, structure and most importantly expression exuding from all parts of the Sandicast German Shepherd figurine statue. After that the painstaking detail of placing each hair on the dog figurine statue starting at the back and working her way to the front so that each hair lays upon the next just like on a real dog. Using the clay original German Shepherd figurine statue as a model a mold was then made so that the detail of this piece could be put into production without loss or realism. With a replica of Sandra Brue’s clay original made of cast stone each Sandicast German Shepherd Figurine Statue is then hand detail painted and airbrushed accurately based on the predominant look for the dog breed. Finally real glass eyes are inserted realistically into the specialized life like eyesockets and immediately the Sandicast German Shepherd Figurine Statue literally appears to come to life. A must for German Shepherd Gifts Store lovers the Sandicast German Shepherd Figurine Statue stands testament to this magnificent breed and the role it has and continues to play in our daily lives.

Sandicast German Shepherd Figurine Statue Article and Photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography Website Consultant

Sandicast German Shepherd Figurines featured in all sizes

german shepherd figurine original size lyingHaving a dog is a wonderful experience filled with tough times, loving times, memorable times and lastly sad times. German Shepherd dogs are a popular dog for people looking for a working dog, a guard dog, an obedience dog and a loyal companion. Relationships between people and their dogs have been going on for thousands of years and they are just as strong today as they were any time in history. To memorialize the wonderful experience people often buy dog figurines. The Sandicast German Shepherd dog figurines are available in all sizes from 3″ long to life size adults. The Sandicast German Shepherd figurines include a Snoozer Size, Small Size, Mid Size, Original Size and the largest a life size sitting adult. small size German Shepherd figurine SandicastAll but the Life Size are made of cast stone with detailed hand painting. The Life Size German Shepherd Figurine because of it’s size is made of a lighter weight hybrid resin compound that still offers the same detail as the cast stone but without the brittle trait and weight of a cast stone figurine. When Sandra Brue did the original Sandicast figurines in clay she would use only her talented eye to determine dimensions without breed standards. Sandra Brue was able to capture the essence and personality of each breed like the German Shepherd in her creations. From the expression filled face, to the hair by hair layering, to the lifelike glass eyes the Sandicast German Shepherds by Sandicast make wonderful German Shepherd enthusiast gifts. Sandicast mid size German Shepherd FigurineFrom sleeping poses, to sitting poses, to lying poses every German Shepherd figurine captures what the breed is all about. German Shepherd Sandicast Figurines all offer a wonderful chance to commemorate the special relationship between man and dog. Lifesize German Shepherd Figurinegerman shepherd sandicast figurine original sizegerman shepherd figurine sandicast snoozer

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