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Goat Earrings Gold French Curve Jewerly Fashion Fun

goat earrings gold french curve jewelryGoat Earrings Gold French Curve Jewelry are now available for people who love goats and want to let others know that goat earrings can provide fashion with fun. Goats have been a part of America’s history and continue to be an important animal on farms, backyards and as an inexpensive green way to clear land. Since the Goat Earrings are made in the USA it makes the wearer proud to be an American. Etched in recycled brass the Goat Earrings are gold plated, the French Curve Wire are gold fill and they are made and packaged in environmentally friendly methods. Goats not only represent a part of Americana they also represent a personality trait of stubborn, steadfastness and determination. To be compared to a goat may at first seem a derogatory remark, however, in reality it is a complement. In fact the US Navy’s Naval Academy has adopted the goat as their mascot. For women cadets at the US Naval Academy the Goat Earrings could become not only a fashion statement but also a patriotic representation of esprit decor. Goat Earrings Gold French Curve Jewelry like all animal earrings bring smiles to all that wear them and entertaining to all that witness their color, brilliance and wear ability.

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