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Gold Giraffe Earrings Jewelry are Made in USA

Gold Giraffe Earrings USA
Gold Giraffe Earrings Made in USA

It always gives you a warm feeling whenever you find a quality product made in the USA. This proud feeling is certainly felt when your eyes stare at the beauty of the Gold Giraffe Earrings from Animal World. Made by Wild Bryde the Gold Giraffe Earrings feature a full body giraffe in the foreground and a tree on a hill in the background all contained in a soft rectangle frame with French Curve styling. Designed on a gentle convex curve with tiny facets that spin the sun light or indoor light in a stunning array of glimmering beauty. Designed for fancy dress up occasions or casual the Gold Giraffe Earrings jewelry are always ready to add wildlife interest to every wearer and any room. For animal lovers there is a full line of gold animal earrings made in the USA featured online by Animal World.  

Gold Giraffe Earrings article by Steve Forrest

Gold Giraffe Earrings Photography by Wild Bryde   

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