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Hippo Earrings are Hippopotamus Lover Jewelry Fun

hippo earrings jewelry
All I want for Christmas is a hippopotamus is the lyric for a popular song. The same is true for hippo gift lovers, all they want are some beautiful gold hippo earrings jewelry french curve. Environmentally made of recycled brass these Hippo Earrings are gold plated and the french curve wires are 14kt gold fill. To produce their glittering beauty these gold Hippo earrings are gently hand hammered with a special plannishing tool to produce hundreds of tiny facets to capture and reflect the light. Designed to be very light these Hippo Earrings can be worn all day without any ear fatigue and stay looking new for years. Best of all these gold hippo earrings jewelry french curve are made in the USA of American materials. With these Hippo earrings you are ready for fashion and fun especially when getting ready for those animal theme party socials, zoo fund raisers or similar appropriate animal earrings events. Teachers can raise the students level of attention when they wear hippo earrings during class studies of animals in Africa. For hippo enthusiasts that are concerned with the long term welfare of hippos the hippo earrings make a wonderful hippo gift. For hippo lovers that work to protect wildlife habitat the hippo animal earrings are a very representative of their life’s work. Hippo earrings jewelry french curve are Hippopotamus lover fashion educational fun for wildlife and animal lovers.

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