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Sandicast Golden Retriever Figurine Statue Original Size

golden retriever figurine original statue
Sandicast Golden Retriever

When it comes to the friendliest looking dog of all time it has to be the Golden Retriever. With its naturally smiling face and attentive personality it is no wonder Golden Retrievers are used so frequently in TV commercials selling vacuum cleaners, on bags of dog foods, dog treats, dog collars or any other item where friendliness is a desired trait. Capturing this amazing breed in dog figurines is the Sandicast Original Size Golden Retriever Figurine Statue. Made originally of clay by artist Sandra Brue the Golden Retriever Sandicast Figurine Statue is made of cast stone. To provide its warmth the Sandicast Golden Retriever Figurine Statue is then hand painted to give it a softer look than one would expect from something made of cast stone. Add to that the glass eyes and the Sandicast Golden Retriever Statue is ready for placement on an eye level, curio cabinet or office desk. There because of its amazing realistic qualities it is sure to receive double takes and endless words of admiration. Perfect as a gift to anyone with a Golden Retriever the Sandicast Figurine Statue is also excellent for use as a trophy, office gifts, for dog breed fund raisers, dog groomers and anywhere in need of dog lover home décor. Made originally the Sandicast Golden Retriever Figurine Statues in San Diego they are now made overseas. If you possess one of the originals made in the USA or in a gift store a word to the wise snatch it up it is an irreplaceable collectible.

sandicast golden retriever figurine original size
Golden Retriever Figurine Statue
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