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Dog Flags Proclaim Specific Dog Breed Pride Honor and Fun

yellow lab flag labrador retriever
Yellow Lab Flag

Flags have been used throughout history to demonstrate ownership or show claim usually of a parcel of land, territory, state or in its grandest use country. Presentation of a flag represents pride; commands respect from all in view and gives dignity and to demonstrate honor to whatever it beholds. This also holds true with regard to specific dog breed flags. Display of a dog flag say of a Chocolate Lab Flag shows pride not only in dog ownership, but, also love for a specific dog breed. In this case the Labrador Retriever Flag features a Yellow Lab. Dog flags at this time, are represented in a relatively small number of specific dog breeds because of the great expense involved in production of a unique flag of this nature. Therefore the list of specific breed dog flags is unfortunately short. Dog flags are available in Yellow Lab, Chocolate Poodle, Doberman Pinscher – Dobie, Collie, Bichon Frise, Welsh Corgi, Golden Retriever and Border Collie. Made of nylon these dog flags are designed for use primarily outdoors. Since the dog flags are so special with hard to come by dog artwork, many dog shrine lovers prefer instead to preserve thesespecial flags for display indoors where they can create friendly dog lover home décor. Offered usually in two sizes a large outdoor size and a smaller garden size, dog flags proclaim to all in view that not only is the area ruled in some way by the specific dog breed it also demonstrates extreme pride in ownership.

golden retriever flag applique
Golden Retriever Flag

As with all gifts, dog flags production has evolved greatly over recent years. Originally most dog flags were made using different colored nylon fabrics to create the look of specific breeds like a Golden Retriever in what was called color appliqué dog flags. Today however, most flags are simply printed in whatever breed is required the same way a t shirt is produced. With this method an actual picture can literally be produced and transferred to a flag with little image loss in resolution or detail. Although made in a less expansive manner compared to the appliqué method, the printed flags keep production cost lower thus opening up more specific dog breeds to manufacture and thus a lower cost for consumers at the retail level. Going hand in hand with limited selection is limited availability, however, the specific dog flags as mentioned can be found at animal and pet theme gifts specialist Animal World. Likewise, even amongst popular dog breeds like Border Collie or Golden Retriever, since they are a production run item, designs tend to change quickly since most people like to get a new style of flag each time rather than the same dog flag every time they are ready to make a purchase.

border collie flag
Border Collie Flag

In addition to production dog flags, there are also custom produced dog flags. In this case and if money is not a concern dog flags can be created literally in any dog breed. For most this course of securing a custom dog flag becomes cost prohibitive. Generally production dog flags run in the neighborhood of $20 to $30 each for a large style flag. Custom dog flags of the same size start at $50 each and can run to well over $100 or more depending on the detail, complexity and materials. Of course as stated flags do so much more than flap in the wind, they proclaim, they create esprit décor and over time they give respectful homage. For these reasons and many more what flags represent is worth so much more than simply their cost. They create a central rally points in times of crisis, a daily symbol of honor and in a history a point of reference. In the case of Dog Flags the goals may not be as lofty however, they instead put everyone in a good mood through shared smiles, and knowing that anyone who proclaims to all that a dog is worthy of it’s own flag, must be a friendly, inviting and fun place to not only visit but also a great place to stay.

Article and dog flag photos by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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