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Gordon Setter Blanket Throw Tapestry is dog breed specialty home decor

Gordon Setter Blanket Throw TapestryGordon Setter Blanket Tapestry Throw Afghan is a detailed cotton throw blanket ideal for the Gordon Setter owner. Gordon Setters are not as well known as Irish Setters but they have a unique look and for retrieving dog breed enthusiasts Gordon Setters are beautiful. Featuring classic black with brown highlight markings Gordon Setters are also famous for their silky soft fur. Gordon Setters find their origins and history first as bird dogs with breeding designed to help hunters in the field, marsh or lakes. They flush the birds out of the field and chase them into the air. Often when hunters shot the birds in flight the Gordon Setters were responsible for retrieving the fowl through tough terrain back to the hunter. The Gordon Setter Blanket Throw Tapestry specifically shows an adult Gordon Setter with 4 puppies in a peaceful family setting. As with all beautiful detailed dog blanket throw tapestries they are produced in limited number so as a piece of art it is irreplaceable. For Gordon Setter Gifts Store collectors the Gordon Setter blanket is a great addition to the t shirt, sweatshirt, figurine, porcelain jar, plate, shot glass and notepad already available. The Setter blanket can be draped over a bed or sofa or used as a blanket on a cold winter night. The Gordon Setter throw would make an ideal trophy for a Gordon Setter dog breed specialty shows. The Gordon Setter Blanket Throw Tapestry as with all Dog breed blanket throw tapestries are made of 100% cotton and are all proudly made in the USA in North and South Carolina.

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