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Great Dane Figurines for dog figurines home decor

Great Dane figurine with puppy Sherrit SimpsonGreat Danes are one of the largest of all the dog breeds. To celebrate this special breed dog figurines have been produced to allow Great Dane dog owners the opportunity to commemorate and immortalize this special dog. Predominantly seen in a fawn, Great Danes can also be black, blue, harlequin, brindle and other unique color combinations. Originating in Germany the Great Dane averages 100 pounds in weight and up. Great Danes come naturally with floppy ears. Many Great Dane owners would have their dogs ears cropped to try to give their dog a more alert, ready look however, the new trend is to allow the ears to remain uncropped. fawn great dane figurine uncropped earsGreat Dane figurines come in fawn cropped ears, fawn uncropped ears and black great dane uncropped ears. Great Dane figurines are popular as gifts for birthdays, office parties, dog show competitions and for Great Dane dog clubs. Made of cast stone with detailed hand painting the Great Dane figurines look great on dressers, mantles, curio cabinets and with a little imagination and creativity can be turned into trophies. The Black Great Dane figurine is unique as the breed it represents and thereby creates special meaning for dog owners looking for those special characteristics. Great Danes have come a long way from the origins in Europe to the Americas of the mid 1800 to the popular large dog for families looking for large breed pets of today. Great Danes will always be popular for their regal look, friendship to man, guardianship of family and variety of looks. black great dane figurine uncropped earsThe Great Dane figurines offer a testimony to this historic dog breed and allow anyone to feel like a king when given the opportunity to provide dog figurines decor for their home, office or as a gift.

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