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New Greyhound Plush Stuffed Animal "Racer"

greyhound plush stuffed animal racerDog plush stuffed animals come on the scene to dog lovers joy and often are retired as production runs sell out and are not reproduced. This was the case when the Greyhound Plush Stuffed Animal “Silver” was produced and then retired by Douglas Cuddle Toys. For almost a year there was no Greyhound Plush Stuffed Animal to satisfy the needs of Greyhound dog lovers. To the rescue fortunately is a new Greyhound Plush Stuffed Animal “Racer” to once again fill the hearts and soles of Greyhound dog lovers with pride and joy. Featuring a brown, black brindle with white soft plush this Greyhound Plush Stuffed Animal captures the love of a adolescent puppy to that is searching for a good family where it can spread it’s love and companionship. Greyhounds origins began as a hunters companion and helper in hunting especially in wide open fields in the English countryside where long pursuits were with limited cover were often a consideration. The extreme speeds Greyhounds could achieve did not go unnoticed and thus it’s natural progression toward racing began. Today Greyhounds no longer are the exclusive domain of racing groups which would not allow them to become adopted after their career came to an end. Fortunately Greyhounds today are adopted by families and have become a new favorite endearing, cherished pet. For families that are not able to adopt a Greyhound or have recently had one pass due to old age or illness, the new Greyhound Plush Stuffed Animal “Racer” is a wonderful way to fill the gap of loneliness or appease a child’s need for a pet. For patients in the hospital away from their beloved Greyhound the Greyhound Plush Stuffed Animal “Racer” and other dog plush stuffed animal toys have been shown to help speed recovery, well being and positive outlook. Whatever the purpose the new Greyhound Plush Stuffed Animal “Racer” is a popular and well received return to the dog plush stuffed animals market and to families worldwide.

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