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Greyhound Blanket Throw for dog breed lover decor

greyhound blanket throwGreyhounds historically are known for dog racing, however, concerned dog lovers decided to save greyhounds after racing. Greyhound rescues were formed to rescue retired Greyhounds and allow them to become pets. The owners of Greyhounds originally did not allow Greyhounds for rescue since euthanasia of Greyhounds was the standard practice. For dog lovers this was intolerable and could not be allowed to continue. Reluctantly retired Greyhounds were finally made available and a long list of families were ready to adopt these adorable, beautiful animals. Capturing the beauty of a pair of Greyhounds in a field this Greyhound dog blanket throw tapestry shows freedom and independence. Made of 3 ply 100% cotton this Greyhound is made in the USA, which further exemplifies the new life of Greyhound as pet instead of property. Greyhound dog lovers would lover dog blanket throws for use in wall decor, for sofas, chairs, or laid over a bed. Businesses like Greyhound bus lines could also use the dog blanket as a gift to clients to show the spirit and strength the business wishes to convey. Greyhound dog rescues could even use the dog blanket as a fund raiser or for raffles to save more retired Greyhound dogs. Best of all the Greyhound blanket throw is perfect for getting cozy when reading, watching the TV or taking a nap. Greyhounds make a wonderful family pet, maybe one day they will be know for that quality and people will forget that at one time they were only known for chasing a metal rabbit around a track. The Greyhound blanket throw can help in dog education and if perfect for dog lover home decor.

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