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TY Guinea Pig Keychain Plush Stuffed Animal

TY Guinea Pig Keychain Plush Stuffed AnimalThe favorite pet for many animal lovers are Guinea Pigs. Animal World now offers online the new TY Guinea Pig Keychain Plush Stuffed Animal for small pet lover driving fashion fun. Made by TY, the company that helped make the world famous Beanie Babies a household word in America, the Guinea Pig Keychain plush stuffed animal features super soft tan white plush, an adorable face and an easy to use secure snap. In addition to it’s use for car keys or home needs the Guinea Pig Keychain also is easily adapted to use by children. One popular use by children for the Guinea Pig Keychain Plush Stuffed Animal is it’s use as a fashion accessory for backpacks. Children enjoy securing the Guinea Pig Keychain to their backpacks, it is one of their first opportunities in life to design something to their own desire. For guinea pig pet lovers that simply like the Guinea Pig Keychain Plush Stuffed Animal small size can easily snip off the stitches holding the snap attached and voila’ a totally new product is born. Quantity purchases of the Guinea Pig Stuffed Animal Plush Keychain creates excellent opportunities for clubs, organizations, businesses, schools to utilize it’s potential for fund raising, morale boosting and shared feelings of esprit decor. For Guinea Pig Gifts Store pet lovers the Guinea Pig keychain is a special addition to the guinea pig toy miniatures, crossing sign and coffee mug currently available to collectors.

New Guinea Pig Plush Stuffed Animal "Patches" by TY is adorable

guinea pig plush stuffed animal ty patchesAnyone who has ever held or owned a guinea pig knows they are simply an adorable ball of soft wonderful fur. The new Guinea Pig Stuffed Animal by TY is called “Patches” because it features gorgeous tri color white, golden brown and black soft plush. Having a real guinea pig as a pet can be a lot of work. First you have to feed the guinea pig, then you have to constantly clean the cage, and sometimes their are vet bills which often can be very expensive. The new Guinea Pig Plush Stuffed Animal TY Patches can be a very simple inexpensive solution for families where children want a pet but the family is not ready to make the commitment. Likewise, the Guinea Pig plush stuffed animal can be a good weather mark in measuring how much real interest there is long term care of a pet animal. In relationships boys are always looking for gifts for girls that are well received but do not represent a deep commitment. Guinea Pig gift store enthusiasts will be thrilled to add the new Guinea Pig plush stuffed animal TY Patches to their collection.

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