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New Wildlife Baby Harp Seal Plush Stuffed Animals will cool you off

harp seal plush stuffed animal

We are right at the heart of Summer which means lots of hot days. If you are looking for a cool gift for anyone who is getting too hot a cool white Baby Harp Seal Plush Stuffed Animal Toy might be just the idea to help someone stay cool. Priced from $4.99 to $7.99 based on quantity purchased you might be able to keep everyone in your office, or church, or classroom or party cool. Maybe you need a theme for something white, or as a baby shower gift or for decorating. Measuring 12″ long x 7″ wide x 5″ wide this Baby Harp Seal stuffed animal is adorable with it’s classic soft white plush. Harp Seal preservation has also been a topic of concern as White Baby Harp Seals used to be killed for their pelts. Baby Harp Seal Plush Stuffed Animals could also be used for fund raising to help combat and eliminate this practice. With potential in many areas from parties, to gifts, to decor, to fund raising and just for loving this Baby White Harp Seal is a wonderful choice. Other harp seal theme gifts are available including harp seal puppets, toy miniatures, crossing signs, t shirts, keychains and additional styles of Harp Seal plush stuffed animals.
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